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November 8, 2018
API Intern Brady Stevens and chef

According to a QS Global Employer Survey Report, more than 80% of employers around the world say they actively seek graduates who have spent time abroad. An internship abroad brings additional experience you would not be able to add to your resume otherwise!

At API, each and every internship we put together is personalized and customized. Our internship program managers consider everything from career goals to dietary restrictions! Some examples of our customized placements include sports marketing in Dublin and museum curation in Edinburgh! Because each internship is tailored to your goals, we need time to put together the ideal placement. That’s why we recommend applying or requesting information today for our summer internship programs!

Wondering what personalized means? Here’s an example!

Linn-Benton Community College student Brady Stephens approached us with his goal: he wants to be a chef. We set him up with an 8-week internship in Seville, Spain, to learn from one of the best: a chef at an authentic Spanish cuisine restaurant!

Read about his experience below.

API Intern Brady Stevens and chef

Colorful homes along Seville, Spain coast

Hello. My name is Brady Stephens. I am currently interning as a chef at Restaurante Az Zait through API in Seville. The menu is a traditional Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of innovation and modern techniques. My typical work day begins at noon and starts with prepping for our upcoming lunch service. Depending on the amount of guests we have in the restaurant, we will continue to prep through the day in between orders and plating to get ahead for dinner service. Something I’ve been working hard on lately is perfecting the process of making our Andalusian Salmorejo. It’s one of my favorite dishes we serve.

andalusian Salmorejo made by API chef intern

Traditional Spanish soup; Az Zait in Sevilla

I’ve learned a lot so far from my time interning as a chef at Az Zait.

I’m most certainly invested in making a career in being a chef. There’s the obvious things like classic Spanish recipes, classic techniques, and products. The more meaningful things I have learned are the details, care, and consideration it takes to run a small restaurant like a family and successfully I might add.

Street in Sevilla, Spain

In my free time, I enjoy reading, exercising, cooking for my roomies, and exploring with my wife.

I have luckily found time on my days off to do sightseeing, tours, and eat at some very delicious restaurants. Before my internship started, my wife Sophia and I rented a car and drove to Costa Blanca. It was my first time seeing the Mediterranean Sea and it was spectacular! Last weekend we took a train to Córdoba and did some sightseeing. The beautiful architecture of Spain is never ending. I haven’t had any troubles meeting new friends or finding things to do in Seville either. I do have quite a few roommates, so that definitely helps! Some things my friends and I enjoy doing is watching sports, going for tapas, playing cards, and playing music.

Bar Alfalfa in Seville Spain

Traditional Spanish cuisine made by Brady Stevens, interning as a chef

Everything I expected from my host culture was met and far surpassed it.

I haven’t had any troubles assimilating in Spain and my wife likes to joke I could have been Spanish in another life. My visualizations of myself in Spain have turned out to be a lot more positive than previously thought. While I’m still learning the language, my interactions have been positive and encouraging, which has instilled a confidence in me to continue this journey of mastering Spanish.

Applications for our internship programs are due in the next two weeks! Browse our intern abroad locations & then give us a call: 800-844-4124. We’ll help you get started on your application!


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