Interning for the “Rolling Stone” of Ireland

May 31, 2019
Christina DePinto

Today’s blog post is all about our internships! We recently interviewed Christina Depinto, who is preparing to intern abroad with us in Dublin, Ireland. If you’re curious how API’s personalized internship placement works, this article is a great resource! Also keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram, where Christina will be doing a couple takeovers during her internship this summer.

Christina Depinto

API: Tell us about your internship placement & how it fits into your career goals.

Christina: I’m interning at a magazine in Dublin; basically it’s a privately owned magazine that kind of focuses on music & culture. It’s been around for many years. They put on the largest music festival in the country, called Longitude Festival. I’m going to be working in the Marketing department there.

I’m really excited because I grew up performing and I’ve always wanted to work in entertainment, so this seamlessly fits in with event planning and also, you know, music culture and entertainment culture in another country. I’m really excited.

API: What preparations have you taken? Do you have any advice for things interns should tackle before they leave for their placement abroad?

Christina: I wanted to make sure that I knew as much about my internship placement as I could. I’ve been researching them and reading their publication basically since I was assigned to it. I also got the placement right before I had to register for classes for this term. So it was something I could really incorporate into my schedule so that was really good. I’ve been taking a lot of PR classes and learning how to write press releases and really trying to bolster my PR skills while I prepare for my internship.

API: What are you most nervous for about your internship abroad? What are you most excited for?

Christina: I’m really excited for all of the unknowns! I don’t really know where I’m living, who I’m living with, and I don’t know anyone else who is going. So it’s going to be a full, new experience for me to tackle and to challenge myself. I went to school in state, so I knew quite a few people going to my college, so this is my opportunity to branch out and really go out on my own, and gain really great experience as well.

I think I’m most excited for that but I’m also excited for the day-to-day working aspect; I think this is a really cool opportunity. It’s the perfect internship; I could not have asked for a better one!

We can’t wait to follow Christina’s internship abroad!


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