Internship Opportunities for API Students

May 19, 2022

When traveling abroad, studying is not the only way to reap the benefits of experiential learning. Internships allow you to explore new professions, build your network, and gain hands-on experience. API works with employers who are actively seeking interns. To learn more, check out the internship abroad opportunities below! 

All the internship opportunities that follow are a minimum of 32 hours per week. Students will participate in cultural activities and excursions, house with other API students, and have the option to earn 6 semester credits from our School of Record. 


Why London? Take advantage of the opportunity to live, work, and explore in a multicultural city that is rich in art and history. Full of diversity, you will gain exposure to all different people, ideas, and perspectives in London. 

Fashion Production and Sales

  • You will work closely with the production manager on everything from supplier relations to garment fittings. You will also learn about sales strategies and client research with help from the Sales and Marketing Director.

Finance and Business Administration:

  • Interns will work with a company supporting business administration, commercial finance, and accounting. Responsibilities will include day-to-day researching, client prospecting, and preparing presentations. Students with the right background may prepare investor materials and communication, write financial applications, build financial models, and create business plans.

Data Analyst

  • Interns will work for an innovative new start-up supporting data analysis by collecting, building, and analyzing large datasets. Interns will also write comprehensive reports and problem solve company issues.

Business Analyst

  • This role involves working with a small business start-up in software development. Interns will learn to understand user needs and communicate them to a development team. Lastly, interns will identify and design user-led solutions. 


  • This internship will give experience preparing promotional presentations and performing market research and analysis. Interns will also design and present social media campaign ideas, research competitors, plan events, promote brand awareness, and target new customers.
  • You will support a small start-up by practicing all aspects of marketing. This includes everything from scheduling social media to writing press releases. Interns can also expect to organize events and attend conferences. For this role, applicants must have experience with Adobe Creative Suite.


Why Australia? Not ready to let summer go? Not to worry! When you arrive in Australia, you’ll be arriving in their spring, getting ready for those summer months down under!

Animal and Veterinary Science

  • Interns will work with the zoo animals directly and support the vet staff. Keep in mind, most of this internship will involve shadowing vet staff as hands-on practice in animal science. These roles are usually reserved for graduate students pursuing Veterinary Medicine.  

Hospitality, Health and Wellness

  • Interns will work at one of the top health and wellness retreats outside of Sydney. Depending on students’ interest and skills, this internship could focus on tourism and hospitality or public health and nursing. 
    • For students pursuing tourism and hospitality, you will have the opportunity to welcome guests, help them select health and wellness classes, and guide them through the retreat. 
    • Students with a physical therapy, public health, or nursing background will have the opportunity to shadow a licensed practitioner. You will learn all about participant intake, one-on-one sessions, health seminars, and other health related issues. 


Why Chile? It has the feel and look of the California coast, but it’s less expensive! You can travel from the beach to the mountains within hours. Students should be prepared with some level of Spanish knowledge, for some internships require intermediate or advanced level language skills.


  • Interns will work with a university in Santiago to review articles for a monthly journal published in English and Spanish. This role includes searching for academic evaluators as requested by the editors. You can also expect to perform dissemination tasks for the journal and the permanent seminar online. For this role, Spanish fluency is not required.

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Interns will work with augmented and virtual reality to improve people’s ability to learn. Depending on the student’s experience, responsibilities may vary between developing training simulation software for Virtual Reality and web platforms or working on Unity and Unreal game engines. Interns can expect to design graphics and short videos for social media and websites. Spanish fluency is not required for this position.


  • Interns will work closely with student populations and communities to form strong relationships. Other responsibilities for this role include supporting the staff in organizing and leading programming activities such as surf sessions and environmental education. Interns will also direct and assist in daily administrative and operational activities. For this position, Spanish fluency is not required.

Public Policy

  • Interns will participate in quantitative and/or qualitative research. They will also help with policy proposals, policy analysis, memo writing, and reporting on topics related to decentralization, sustainable development, human rights, and more. For this role, Intermediate to Advanced Spanish skills are required.


Why Ireland? If you hope to combine bustling cities with stunning cliffside scenery, Ireland may be right for you! You will gain experience in a place known for its friendly, hospitable culture and rich history. 


  • This internship will provide the chance to work with a fashion brand on multiple aspects of marketing. These marketing tasks include social media marketing: designing posts, working with influencers, researching the market, and expanding the brand. You can also expect to write press releases and blog posts about the products, and work with the Irish community on brand awareness. 

These internship opportunities are offered year-round to help you make the most of your experience abroad. 

Questions? We are here to help! 

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