Intro to Design & Management – Parsons Paris Course Profile

March 13, 2019
Parsons Paris students

In case you missed it, applications for our summer college programs at Parsons Paris are due in just TWO days! From photography to fashion, these programs are some of API’s most popular and fill up quickly. To give you an idea of what you can expect in Paris, we’ve been giving you a deep dive look at some of the course offerings. Today we’re diving in to Parsons Paris’ “Introduction to Design & Management.” This course is offered in our Summer 2 program!

Parsons Paris students

In this unique course, students will have the opportunity to learn to approach management as a strategic process.

Because students will be studying in France, emphasis is placed on understanding European business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs. In addition, students will learn to combine design innovation and business knowledge in their own careers.

What will the day-to-day be like?

Students will develop problem-solving skills and design strategies through research methods, prototyping, and quantitative analysis. You can expect to work in groups and alone on various projects. Students who complete the course will emerge with the skill set needed in a broad range of enterprises and real-world business concepts.

When students are not in the classroom, API’s on-site staff is on hand to help you experience Paris from an insider’s perspective. Students will be able to explore art museums and tour design studios throughout Paris. API also offers cheese tastings, food samplings, and more on campus. This program is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in France’s art, culture and way of life!

What other course offerings are available this summer?

From Visual Communication Drawing to Paris Photo, there’s something for every student interested in art, design, fashion, entrepreneurship or photography. Students can take Luxury Design Management and Fashion Design Process. They can also take Explorations in Drawing, Strategic Brand Design, Business of Fashion and more.

Applications are due March 15th! If you need help getting things finished up on time, give us a call: 800-844-4124 or send us an email: [email protected]! À bientôt!




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