Lydia Mollerup: Virtual Internship Success Story

April 22, 2022
API Virtual Alumni

Wondering whether an international internship is right for you and your career goals? Take a look at how API Alum, Lydia Mollerup, made the most of her intern experience and even won an award for her work! 

Making the Most of Your Virtual International Internship

Lydia Mollerup, a University of Arkansas student majoring in marketing, participated in an API- supported virtual internship last summer. She worked with a Costa Rica-based company, Coamesa, as a business development intern. As an intern, she worked to increase traffic to Coamesa’s website and built relationships with local and international retailers.

For her internship, API provided logistical support and helped set up virtual experiences to complement her program. Lydia also participated in API’s digital badge program where she completed specific career-related activities during her virtual internship which earned her several digital badges. Now she can display these badges and the corresponding professional skills on her resume, digital portfolio, or LinkedIn profile. 

“Even though I was not able to be in person,” Lydia said, “I still felt like I was a part of the company and was included. I also learned so much about Costa Rica’s culture and it has been eye-opening to know the differences…(I)got to see a ‘hands-on’ perspective of how all the subjects I have learned about in the past play a role in one company.”  

In fact, she was so successful in her internship that she was awarded the 2022 Peggy Jarvie International Work Experience Award, which recognizes an outstanding student who has had an international work experience. 

As Lydia’s experience shows, there are many benefits of a virtual internship with API, including: international networking, an added boost to your resume, and hands-on experience that you can carry with you into your career. 

Now It’s Your Turn!

Want to experience your own career- and life-changing international internship? We’ve got you covered! Get started on your journey abroad with these simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Explore your virtual and in-person internship options today to boost your resume and get a leg up in the competitive global workforce. 
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