May #TravelTuesday Roundup! Alumni Stories

June 9, 2021
Students enjoying new API programs

Now that the world is opening back up our dreams of travel don’t seem so far away!  This May we heard from API alumni (and even our own Senior VP of International Operations!) who shared their photos and experiences on the @apiabroad Instagram account for #TravelTuesday! Check out our May recap that will inspire and make you smile! 

Our first API alum, Dominika, took us to Kraków, Poland where she was able to connect to her family history. “I am 100% Polish, so being engulfed in the Polish culture and lifestyle for five months was overall my favorite part about being abroad. Being classmates and becoming friends with individuals from all parts of Europe and studying together in Kraków was an awesome experience. If I had to choose a favorite place it would definitely be the 24-hour pierogi hut that was on my way home, where you can get pierogis at any hour of the night!”

Student Krakow

Next, we caught up with Courtney Greene, our Senior VP of International Operations at API, who shared a reflection piece on her time studying abroad in Quito, Ecuador, and how it still impacts her life today. 

“Study abroad literally transported me to a new world. And in so doing, my past conditioning was temporarily forgotten in the midst of living in the moment. Every new experience, every little challenge that is an intrinsic part of navigating a new place, forced me to remain in the present, lest I become overwhelmed.  And nearly two decades of reflection later, I am still learning from that experience.  It is still changing me. It continues to open doors to experiences I would never have had otherwise.” She was able to share her first trip back to Ecuador with her son Edwin – a future API alum?! 

We then flew away to Florence, Italy as alum Jason shared his memories.  “As far as personal experiences go in Florence, I have so many to choose from, but generally speaking, I love that Florence more than any of the other cities I’ve visited. It really felt like a completely different place than anywhere I’ve ever been. It’s like I stepped back in time with the cobblestone streets the old houses in the immense sense of culture that the city of Florence held.”

“I loved Florence in December when the entire city would be colored by Christmas lights and I could walk the streets. They were so beautiful and so lit up it was just like I was in a different world at a different time. And because of the incredible times and experiences that I had over there, I miss it every day.”

Finally, we heard from Alex who studied abroad in France. “One of my favorite memories would be the trip we took to Aix-en-Provence and various areas in the region. Everything was mostly in bloom and it was a great time of the year. Spending time exploring the city, experiencing hidden art exhibits, and touring a local winery and vineyard with close friends was an unforgettable time all-around!”

We want to hear from you! 

If you studied or interned abroad with API and have a memory, experience, favorite restaurant/food you tried, travel tip, or anything else you would like to share with the Instagram world, please reach out! You can DM us through our Instagram account @apiabroard or email Sophie at [email protected]. We would love to feature YOU and share YOUR story!


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