Meet API Teach Abroad Participant: Sean

February 6, 2017

Meet Sean, currently teaching in Italy


Prospect, Connecticut, USA

Emmanuel College, Psychology Health and Counseling

Acting and Theatre, Exercising, Music; i.e., playing guitar, singing

Strumming away…

Strumming away…

Favorite Place you’ve visited:
San Francisco, California

Prior Experience:
I worked as a Teaching Assistant and Peer Tutor through the Academic Resource Center during college. I enjoyed forming a strong rapport with my students. It was nice to be able to work with them on a professional level in class, but it is also important to feel comfortable interacting with each other outside of class.

On the road

On the road

Why Italy?
The reason I chose this particular experience is because I wanted to break out of my comfort zone. I have never been out of the country before and I want to expose myself to something new. This opportunity gave me the fortunate position of not only breaking out of my comfort zone, but also getting to work, teach, and learn at the same time. In my opinion, this is an opportunity that is too good to pass up!

Here in Torino!

Here in Torino!

To learn more about the Teach in Italy program that Sean is a part of, click here:

Applications for the Fall 2017 start are currently being accepted!



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