My Marketing Internship in Dublin

August 21, 2019

Today’s blog post comes to us from Clemson University student & API participant Anna Walker! She’s interning abroad with us in Dublin, Ireland. She’s sharing more about her marketing internship placement and why taking her internship abroad has been beneficial!

I’ve gotten so much out of this experience!

From the work I’m doing for the company to the work environment I’m in, I’m learning so much about the culture of Dublin, Ireland.

The company I am interning for has a very similar structure to my first internship in Greenville, South Carolina. This has allowed me to see the discrepancies between marketing in America vs. Ireland. While the basic premise is the same, I’ve been able to pick up some small things that are done differently here that I will be able to bring back with me to my future career.

I have also been able to work in different fields that I haven’t before. That includes graphic design, which I haven’t done much of professionally. I think I’ve been able to learn a lot about different aspects of marketing in addition to the difference in culture as well.

Working in this different culture and country has been incredibly beneficial for me because it will allow me to be more adaptable to my future work environments.

Ireland has been a completely different travel experience than I have ever had before; I have been able to spend months here and completely immerse myself in the culture and adjust to this change of environment. I think every second of my time here has been a learning experience even outside of work, because when I’m not working I’m exploring Ireland and the rest of Europe. 

Through my travels I’ve been able to get a feel for so many different cultures and have had to work through language and culture barriers in some countries. I have been able to practice my photography with the beautiful scenery of the places I’ve traveled to, which I think has benefitted when I have photoshoots in my internship

There is so much diversity in my company which I really enjoy; there are employees from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, and America. I think I have been able to learn how to work in a team with people with different skills and mindsets, and I have worked more closely with my co-workers than in any other internship I’ve had.

Our office is set up in one large room where all of our desks face each other, so I’ve been able to collaborate with my co-workers more easily and have built up my communication skills tremendously. I think this kind of open set up has been really beneficial for me and has motivated me to produce quality work in order to contribute to my team.

There are so many different ways that this internship has affected me, and most likely many ways that I don’t even realize, and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity!

Interested in pursuing an internship in Dublin?

Email [email protected] for help getting started! OR you can use the chat option on our website to request more information. We can’t wait to help you start your next chapter!


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