One month in Sharjah

January 4, 2019
Study abroad students at Friday market in Fujairah Sharjah

As students eagerly await their study abroad adventure, we sometimes get questions about what to expect. From cultural activities to coursework to food to night life, there’s a lot to think about! API schedules and structures vary depending on where you’re studying abroad. Today we’re giving you an idea of what one month in Sharjah is like.

This post comes to us from API Resident Director Lana! As a Resident Director, Lana is on hand for all of our students when they study abroad with us in the UAE. Most recently, she was the tour guide, confidant, and friend for three of our students: Roxanna, Kassie & Tamia!

Study abroad students at Friday market in Fujairah Sharjah

Roxanna & Tamia at a Friday market in Fujairah

“November was a busy, busy month of excursions and performances for the students.

The beginning of this month, we went for a day trip to the neighboring country of Oman, where we spent all day on a boat, exploring the fjords, banana boating, snorkeling and swimming. We enjoyed a lovely lunch buffet, and the Gulf of Oman was the absolute perfect temperature for being in the water.

Boats docked in Musandam, Oman

Study abroad student Kassie Fuller in Musandam, Oman

Kassie in Musandam, Oman

Next, we had a BBQ in the old oasis village of Al Ain, where there is a natural hot spring, as well as some rocky mountain formations.

Feet in Al Ain hot spring Al Ain hot spring

The following weekend was one of the students’ favorites.

It was a trip up the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, followed by lunch at the Armani Deli. I had originally booked a 3-course, set lunch, but as I had made the reservation for Friday, we all got to enjoy the Friday brunch. It included international cuisines, a pork room, a cheese room, all manner of seafood, as well as a myriad of desserts. Everyone took the opportunity to try different foods.

Study abroad students eat at Armani Deli in Burj Khalifa

Tamia tries octopus at Armani Deli in Burj Khalifa

Tamia even tried octopus!

Roxanna at the Burj Khalifa

Finally, we went to the Emirate of Fujairah up in the mountains and along the coast.

We stopped at the Old Friday Market where the students enjoyed exotic fruits like manogsteens and green Thai mangos. We also sipped fresh, chilled Thai coconuts. Afterwards, we ate lunch at a delicious Lebanese Restaurant and after we explored the old Fujairah Fort, as well as, experiencing Bedouin Bullfighting (which is more like two bulls pushing each other.)

Old Fort in Fujairah

Finally, there were a lot of personal events going on for the students this month.

Roxanna took part in a dramatic production of Cirkus. Tamia sang at her performing arts recital. Kassie was able to take a trip by herself to Jordan, where she explored the Petra Ruins (think, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and the Dead Sea.”

That was just one month in Sharjah with API!

When you study abroad with us, we make sure your time is full of fulfilling activities that help you learn more about your host country and its culture. Whether you’re interested in seeing the UAE or Latin America, we offer study, intern, teach, work and volunteer programs all over the world!


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