Packing Essentials for Your Trip Abroad

August 12, 2022
packing essentials

It’s a few weeks before you leave for your study abroad program and you’ve done everything on your check list so far. You’ve found your passport, checked the weather, and gathered your belongings. Are you wondering what else you might be missing? Here is a list of packing essentials to consider no matter where you plan to study abroad! 


The Packing Essentials

  • Portable Charger
  • Medication
  • Luggage Lock
  • Copy of Your Passport and ID
  • Journal


Why They Are Essential

Portable Charger

You already know to bring your adapter converter, but have you thought of bringing a portable charger or power pack? This is an ideal investment in case your phone dies during an emergency. With a portable charger, you can explore your host country with a sense of safety and confidence. 


Before your trip, it’s important to make sure you’re all stocked up on medication you may need. This includes your prescription medications and over-the-counter medications! In the event you get sick while traveling, it’s always good to have basic medications handy, such as ibuprofen or antihistamines to treat allergies. This is especially true for anyone who prefers certain brands that may not be available in their host country. 

Luggage Lock

Think about bringing a luggage lock while traveling abroad! By locking up your suitcase, you can protect yourself from theft and keep track of your valuables. A luggage lock is especially useful if you plan to travel to other cities and stay at hostels with more communal spaces. If you decide to invest in a luggage lock, go for a combination lock that’s TSA-approved. (If it requires a combination, you won’t have to worry about losing a key!)  

Copy of Your Passport and ID

If your passport is lost or stolen, you will need to contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. You will want to have a paper copy of important documents including your passport and photo ID. By having some form of identification,  it will be easier to replace your passport and speed up the process! You can leave these copies in your wallet or your luggage, separate from your official passport and ID.


No matter how you like to document your experiences, whether it be through videos, photos, or voice memos, it’s worth bringing a journal on your study abroad journey. As cheesy as it sounds, studying abroad is a life-changing experience, and it’s worth writing down. In the future, you will return to this journal and thank yourself for keeping track of the details: meals eaten, places visited, challenges overcome, and joyful moments with new friends. 

With these last-minute items added to your packing list, you’re ready for the world! And if you arrive at your destination and discover you forgot something, there’s no need to stress. API’s Resident Directors (RDs) are there to help you find appropriate alternatives in your host country. Reach out to your advisor if you have other questions regarding packing essentials, or prepare for your trip by checking out our blog!


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