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February 27, 2019
Parsons Paris Art & Design student takes photograph of wine glass

We have less than a month left until applications are due for our amazing summer programs at Parsons Paris! If you’ve been following the API blog, you know we’ve been highlighting some of the courses high school and college students can take, including Fashion Design Process and Visual Communication Drawing. Today we’re diving in to a great option for budding photographers!

Parsons Paris Art & Design student takes photograph of wine glass

This is a hands-on course with Paris as your classroom.

What better way to learn photography than with beautiful Paris as a backdrop? Students are encouraged to create a portfolio based on their photographic work of the city. Coursework includes a variety of assignments, readings, field trips, and lectures. Mornings are spent in the classroom learning about the history of photography and more. Students are encouraged to experiment with different modes of photography and to create a final project based on their individual interests. Although the course will look at the history of the medium and address specific issues related to traditional film-based photography, all work produced in the class will be made with digital technology.

Use your camera to explore some of Paris’ most photogenic neighborhoods.

Although mornings are spent in the classroom, afternoons are dedicated to being out in the city! Your professor will take you to several different areas of Paris. These on-site photo shoots provide technical practice on natural and artificial lighting. In addition, students learn efficient use of lenses and camera settings, editing, and production. You will also visit photo exhibitions and put together collective presentations with your classmates. This course is a great first step into what ‘the life of a photographer’ is like. Because of that, this class provides an ideal opportunity for students who want to begin or add to their portfolio.

Parsons Paris Summer Art Design Fashion Program Abroad

Does this class sound perfect for you? The time is now to apply for our Art & Design summer program!

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s important to act fast! Applications are due March 15th. Give us a call if you need help finishing that application up: 800-844-4124. À bientôt!


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