Parsons Paris – Study Photography In the World’s Fashion Capital

February 24, 2020
Woman taking photo with camera in Paris

Parsons Paris is most well known for its distinguished instructors and reputable art and design courses. The summer programs for college and pre-college students offer a range of study in all facets of art, design, and fashion… but did you know they also offer courses in photography? In fact, among other impressive alumni, model Bella Hadid studied photography at Parsons in 2014! Today’s blog is a course spotlight on one of Parsons’s specialty courses: fashion photography.

Fashion Photography: History and Practice

Get ready for a hands-on and out-of-the-classroom experience in this all day studio course. Students will understand how to analyze fashion photography using lessons learned from history, sociology, and semiotics, taught by the highly successful professors at Parsons. In tandem, you will perform practical photography skills by learning the processes to execute a successful fashion photoshoot; from preliminary research, to working with models, to the final product. You won’t be in the classroom the whole time—workshops, field trips, and exhibitions are also included in this course to provide students with true real-world experiences. Take your first look into the life of a fashion photographer through the lens of the experts at Parsons Paris.

In addition, lessons in photography can be found in many other Parsons summer courses, including Fashion, Communication, and Art Direction, and Fashion Styling. It is essential for professional photographers to not only be trained in their craft, but in the disciplines surrounding it. These competencies are important aspects of photoshoots, and the educational combination provides a comprehensive skill set you can reference throughout your career. 

API’s programs at Parsons Paris provide you with opportunities to explore and photograph many of Paris’s beautiful neighborhoods. Also included are several cultural events and day trips, such as museum visits, performances, and sightseeing at famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

Paris is the perfect place for photographers—and photography students—to look for inspiration in France’s capital. Spectacular views and picturesque scenes can be found in every corner of the city. With the tools given to you in the classroom, what better place to learn and grow in your skills than at the top arts school in Paris? 

Applications are open until March 15. Don’t miss out on the educational opportunity of a lifetime!


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