Project-Based Internships: Chloe’s Experience

December 22, 2023
project-based internship, London

Curious about life while interning abroad? Meet Chloe Sperling, an API alum and recent marketing graduate at San Diego State University who had an extraordinary journey participating in a project-based internship in Paris. Recently, Chloe shared her personal experiences, challenges, and triumphs during her time with API, providing a real-world glimpse into the life of an intern abroad. 

Read on to see an insider’s look at Chloe’s unique projects and responsibilities during her internship:

Cultural Immersion

Chloe’s internship took place at Wepicurien, a France based e-commerce business that sells natural French wines. She and three other U.S. interns developed positioning and content for the brand with the goal of increasing brand visibility and sales, representing 30% of their business. 

Marked by rich cultural immersion, Chloe interacted with colleagues from France, Sweden, Germany, and Portugal, learning about their languages, customs, and projects. This exposure broadened her understanding of international work cultures and helped her overcome initial apprehensions regarding the language barrier. Her travels across Europe, including attending Bastille Day in Paris and visiting wineries in Bordeaux and Champagne, further deepened her appreciation for diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Skills Gained

Throughout her internship, Chloe worked on Wepicurien’s bilingual website, enhancing her language proficiency in both French and English. This linguistic development was complemented by practical skills in international business and marketing. Engaging with the CEO of Krug champagne provided valuable insights into managing large-scale businesses. 

Her experiences contributed significantly to her professional growth, equipping her with unique competencies that later favored her career with Oak View Group, a global sports and entertainment company, and CG Hunter, a startup specializing in luxury faux greenery and home decor. Her internship also impacted her academic career allowing her to earn credits to graduate early!

API’s Support

API inquired about Chloe’s interests and career goals to ensure her internship placement allowed her to maximize learning and career growth. The project-based nature of the internship fostered collaboration and networking, not just with international peers, but also with fellow students from San Diego State University. API’s connections also facilitated unique learning opportunities, such as a personal tour of the St. Laurent museum, enriching Chloe’s understanding of luxury fashion marketing.

Advice for Future Interns

For those considering a similar journey, Chloe encourages future interns to embrace the challenges and opportunities of working in a diverse environment: 

“I think about the world in a new way and I gained a new sense of confidence and international knowledge that I can carry with me throughout my life.”

Chloe’s story underscores the importance of leveraging such international experiences for academic and career advancement: 

“I am so thankful for this experience because I gained so many opportunities both during the internship and after returning to the states. I benefitted from my experience abroad and expanded professional opportunities coming home.” 

Experience Paris with API

Dreaming of an internship in Paris or another exciting global location? If you’re ready to embark on your own journey, API offers a range of project-based internships tailored to your academic and professional goals. Start your journey and take the leap to discover how an international internship can enhance your resume, broaden your skill set, and change your perspective on the world!


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