Short-Term Study Abroad in Salamanca [API Program Spotlight]

November 11, 2019

When it comes to Spanish (or any other foreign language), there is no better way to truly learn the language than by going somewhere where you HAVE to speak it! By taking yourself outside of the classroom, you take your learning into the real world. Just as a chef-in-training spends hours in the kitchen actually cooking recipes (rather than just reading about them), foreign language students gain valuable, authentic experience and the majority who go abroad report learning the language at a much faster pace.

In addition to the traditional semester or summer study abroad programs, there are many options available for students on a tighter timeline or budget.

Today we’re focusing on our short-term study abroad programs in Salamanca, Spain. Students can choose to study abroad for two, three or four weeks. Salamanca is a fantastic choice for a program location because of its history, culture and beauty. It’s nicknamed “The Golden City” because of its stunning Plaza Mayor and beautiful sandstone buildings. Some of our alumni were so inspired by the golden streets, they made a song about it!

Study at the oldest university in Spain

Founded in 1218, the Universidad de Salamanca was acknowledge by Pope Alexander IV to be one of the “four great universities in the world.” The university is among the most inspiring places in the world for learning. Course options include Beginning up to Advanced Spanish Vocabulary, Spanish & Latin American Cinema, Beginning up to Advanced Spanish Grammar, Activities for Communication, Spanish Art History and more.

Students who enroll in a two-week session take approximately 3 credits. A three-week session amounts to 4-5 semester credits, and our month-long program option enrolls students in approximately 5-6 credits.

Live with a host family or in a residencia

There are two fantastic housing options to choose from in Salamanca. Students who choose to live with host families generally share a double room with a fellow API student and are provided with three meals per day and laundry service. Families provide an amazing opportunity to experience Spanish culture firsthand. Host families serve as a unique introduction into Spanish culture and may be made up of a married couple with children, a divorced or widowed woman with children still at home, or a family with some members living at home and others living outside the home.

Students in Salamanca may also choose to live in a residencia. Residencias are usually small, family-run student residences that house international students and occasionally Spanish students. Traditionally 1-2 students share a bedroom, and a bathroom is shared by multiple students. All students have access to living, TV, and common areas.

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