Take Your Internship Abroad! [Upcoming Deadlines]

July 29, 2019

We’ve talked about this on the blog before… taking an internship abroad provides you with valuable job experience. It’s also a great way to grow your resume. Professional benefits aside, interning abroad is a priceless opportunity to meet people from around the world and take yourself out of your comfort zone! If you’ve been waiting for a fun challenge, this is your chance. Deadlines are coming up for many of our spring 2020 Internship placements.

Before we head into deadlines, let’s talk about what a day in the life of an internship abroad is like!

Today’s experience comes to us from Clemson student Kasey Lenarz. She’s doing an internship placement with us right now in Sydney, Australia.

“I am currently working in Australia with an Industrial Engineering consulting firm.

Although they are based out of Pittsburgh, they have clients in Australia that I am working with on projects. My two main projects this summer included a project with a gas station as well as performing lots of time studies. I was working on validating the time data from the MOST studies conducted before I made it out to Australia.

I also am currently working at a liquor store, and I am on the beginning of the project. I take the initial time studies that the rest of the team will use later this year. Because of this internship placement, I could see myself working consulting for at least a little while after college. I love interacting with new people, and having different days of work each day. 

I love going out to explore. Sydney has so many options that cater to the interests of anyone.

I like to go for walks and cross the bridge because the view of the Opera House never gets old. I’ve also traveled a lot. My job required me to go to Melbourne twice for different client sites. Melbourne was a cool city. I also traveled with other API students to Tasmania, Gold Coast, and New Zealand. It was super cool to plan these trips on my own and figure out what to do in the new cities! I loved getting to know the other students on these trips, and now we are very good friends. 

Skydiving in Australia!

Overall, this experience has been amazing; the summer went by too fast.

I have grown so much independence from having to travel a lot on my own and book trips. It forces you out of your comfort zone, and I really loved that. I hope that many others can take the step to venture abroad.”

Upcoming Intern Abroad Deadlines

September 1

Internships beginning January 2020

Auckland, New Zealand
Barcelona, Spain
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Brisbane, Australia
Bristol, England
Dublin, Ireland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Gold Coast, Australia
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Melbourne, Australia
Santiago, Chile
Seville, Spain
Sydney, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand

September 15

Study + Intern Abroad Programs (January-April 2020)

Barcelona, Spain
Dublin, Ireland
Santiago, Chile

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