Wrapping up my First Week in Buenos Aires

August 9, 2019

Today’s blog post comes to us from University of North Texas student & #APIabroad blogger Steven Chavez! He’s studying abroad with us in Buenos Aires, Argentina and posting daily updates. If you missed it, check out his first five days in Buenos Aires here.

Day 6: Views from the classroom

View from Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires Argentina

The view at Universidad de Belgrano never ceases to amaze me. Today I shadowed the head orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital Británico.

View from Universidad de Belgrano

Day 7: Week one under wraps????????

My first week in Argentina is complete and I am ready for a relaxing weekend. I witnessed a surgery today at the hospital and it was the perfect way to end my week in orthopedics.

Shadowing a surgery as part of the Medical Spanish Immersion Program in Buenos Aires
Study abroad student Steven Chavez in hospital gear thumbs up
Dr Chavez!

After class I caught a beautiful Argentine sunset.

Day 8: Un día en la estancia 

Today I went to Estancia el Ombú de Areco. An estancia is an Argentine ranch, run by “gauchos” (Argentine cowboys) and my group and I were able to experience the gaucho culture.

We were treated with steak and “chimichurri” for lunch and watched a classic Argentine dance called “gato”.

After eating and dancing, we went horseback riding around the estancia in the brisk South American winter.

Day 9: Pueblo visit

We left the estancia early this morning to visit the pueblo of San Antonio de Areco. We first stopped at a gaucho museum to learn a little more about the culture in Las pampas, or the greater Buenos Aires area.

After the museum, we ate, and explored more of the vibrant Argentinian pueblo. 

Day 10: La feria y El obelisco

I started the day late, as it was a lazy Sunday but I managed to make it on time to meet my friends at the must see mega-flea market, “Feria de San Telmo”.

After buying souvenirs and handmade treasures, we made our way to “El obelisco”, an awe inspiring landmark in the downtown area of Buenos Aires, comparable to Times Square. Finally, we ate “chorripan” after a long day of shopping and exploring the city.

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