Work in Australia, New Zealand, or both? How would YOUR itinerary look?

December 21, 2017

API Program Coordinator, Octavia Sims, recently returned from a site visit in Australia and New Zealand, where she was able to dream up how she would do “Work in Australia/New Zealand”

Within my portfolio, I manage API’s Work programs and Internship programs in both Australia and New Zealand. I recently had the really cool API rite of passage of going on a site visit to Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland! A site visit is an endeavor designed to educate, network, and experience the world in a way that develops a deeper understanding of the programs/countries at hand. After almost a week in each country, I found it really hard to return home!! I must go back to Australia and New Zealand, and when I do go back I will work in each country.

I would live and Work in Australia for a year and then also live and Work in New Zealand for an additional year. It seems quite insurmountable- the idea of leaving home and moving to new places to work and live. However people do so from around the world and it’s ok to leave home, your home country, to live an experience that many people don’t have the privilege to. Life is short and it doesn’t have to fit in a box or on a marked timeline. Earning money would not be my primary motivation, although it is a great perk to be able to earn money while traveling.

In Australia I would begin my program by working on a farm somewhere near Melbourne and then find jobs in the cities up along the coast. I would like to work in hospitality as a receptionist or as a construction worker or even a fruit picker for about six weeks in each major Australian city. I’m particularly excited about cities like New Castle, Darwin, Perth and Uluru. The deeper into the outback you go, the more wild the terrain becomes. While the wild takes me aback (I wouldn’t pet a Kangaroo while there), but I would really like to compare the urban setting of someplace like Sydney to Uluru. An extended trip like this would push me out of my comfort zone and develop me in ways I can only imagine. Plus if I really liked a city, I could extend my stay as long as I’m not with the same employer for more than 6 months. It’s pretty easy to find a place and a job on short notice with the internal resources this program provides such as resume editing and an exclusive job search engine.

In New Zealand I would love to explore the southern island (although I could probably be content to only stay in Queenstown for the majority of my stay). I would like to work in rural locations, exclusively on farms, to hopefully have exposure to the natural wonders of New Zealand which enchant so many adventurers. Here I would like to buy a used car or camper van to get around so that I could do a bit more exploring off the beaten track.

API’s Work in Australia or New Zealand program would enable you to work and live in either country for an extended period of time. With this program after an initial farm stay placement on a small farm, you can choose to work anywhere. There is also the option of working for less time (a month) but keep in mind is that Australia is enormous and roughly the size of the United States! Also both New Zealand and Australia are extremely diverse countries. I know I would like to experience as much as possible of each country and not feel rushed. I also would like to feel fully supported throughout this independent program. I think that this program really prepares people to live and work in Australia or New Zealand. I volunteer as tribute to participate and I hope that you’ve been inspired by the possibility as well!


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