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In Case of an Emergency

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Report an Emergency

If you need to report an emergency outside of normal business hours, call +1-512-600-8900 and press 9 to be directed to our after-hours respondent. An API staff member will respond to all messages within two hours.

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Participants Abroad

If you find yourself experiencing an emergency situation, you should first call the local emergency number for police or medical assistance. Using the emergency SOS call feature on your phone will direct you to emergency authorities in your current location. Then, call your Resident Director’s emergency number. If you are unable to reach your director and you need assistance with an emergency situation, call the API office in the U.S. at +1-512-600-8900. Outside of standard business hours you may press 9 to be directed to our after-hours respondent. If you are experiencing an issue that you are not comfortable reporting to your Resident Director or another API representative, or you wish to make an anonymous report, you may do so here.

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Office Address

301 Camp Craft Road, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78746




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