Integrated Experiential

Learning (IEL)

At API, we are working to help colleges and universities address one of the most important challenges facing higher education – to find ways to expand integrative approaches to learning so that students can explore their interests, write their own story, and integrate various types learning—across courses and experiences, over time, and between campuses, career, and community. Through the use of API’s Personalized Pathways™ technology, expansive libraries of quality global, career programming, skill mapping, and career credentials, we offer customizable, integrated experiential learning pathways to every student. Students discover these connections, allowing them to immediately find and build a journey of multiple experiences that match their interests and which correspond to their personal, academic, and career goals.

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Personalized Pathways™

Build, discover, integrate, implement, track, and analyze all student experiences both on and off campus.


Virtual Hub

Create a virtual hub that integrates all experiential learning on and off campus
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Discover, build, approve and manage all experiential learning options in pathways.


Track and support student progress along their pathways. 
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Manage Cost

Manage the cost of pathways.
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Job Opportunities

Reveal relevant job opportunities corresponding to pathways.
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Map Skills

Map skills to all experiences in pathways.
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Employer Relations

Strengthen employer relations and the talent pipeline.
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Pathway Learner Records

Generate customizable Pathway Learner Records for every student.

Data Insights

Explore continuous, interactive data insights 

What Students Get Out of IEL


Career Choices & Readiness

Students are more prepared for their career and better understand their options when they personalize their experiential learning with classroom learning, but only 10% of students understand how experiences integrate with their degree.
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Academic Internships

90% of students want an academic internship, but often can’t find one that is appropriate for their career interests. 
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Engaged Learning

Taking classroom teachings out into the experiential world cements learning and engages students at a whole new level.
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Study Abroad Opportunities

40% of students want to study abroad, but are often held back for any number of reasons, including fears of not graduating on time, financial concerns, or lack of recognition of the benefits. 
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Hybrid Learning

Classroom learning paired with experiential learning and mindful reflection leads to better outcomes for students.
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Individualized Pathways

62% of students want to customize their own pathway, meaning they want more control and visibility into how their educational experience will directly help them succeed in their career. 

Check Out These Incredible, Real-Life Results!

Students on Coast

Large Midwestern Public University

A large midwestern public university has seen record enrollments in 2022 due to the creation of interlocking campus priorities in the areas of recruitment, student success, affordability, international and domestic engagement, career readiness and more.

Milestone: Academic Advisor + Career Strategist + Experiential Designer guide students through semester

  • Advising meeting
  • Academic event
  • Industry exploration
  • Professional materials created
  • Career engagement event
  • Alumni meet-up


  • 21% enrollment increase in 2022
  • 90% opt-in to the Guarantee program
  • 4-year fixed tuition and fees
  • Guaranteed graduation in 4 years
  • Experiential Designer for every student


2023 spring study abroad fairs

Large Public Institution in the Southeast

In this university’s College of Engineering, Computer and Applied Sciences, career pathways are an integrated experiential learning journey where students gain global skills through transformative activities.

Milestones: Academic Advisor + Engagement Advisor + Study Abroad Advisor – help students identify strengths, goals, and to create their personalized career pathway.

  • Advising meetings
  • Professional development event
  • Alumni event
  • Student organization
  • Leadership role
  • Skills survey

Outcomes are still forthcoming, but the initial response by students is overwhelmingly positive!



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