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During COVID, the need for flexible support for international students arose, and API responded. We created an option that allowed students to remain enrolled at our U.S. partner institutions, while participating in online coursework or in-person instruction abroad. Learn more about how these programs can benefit your institution and your students, even in non-COVID times.

international student solutions

If you have a group of international students,

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Maintain Enrollment and Revenue

With API’s international support, your students remain enrolled at your institution while participating in online coursework or in-person instruction abroad. This allows for an uninterrupted student experience and sustains institutional revenue.

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Implement with Ease

API currently operates in more than 20 countries, giving our expert team the infrastructure to implement quickly and customized solutions to meet each institution’s needs.

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Offer Popular Destinations

Our cohort-based, custom model is available in China, Italy, Portugal, Spain and more. We are focused on consulting with our partners to design unique, creative solutions that will enhance your strategic response to the ongoing challenges.

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Manage Risk

API’s experienced on-site Resident Directors are available 24/7 to efficiently enact an emergency response plan as needed. Our programs also include an on-site orientation, with a focus on health and safety, as well as comprehensive international medical and life insurance.


Put Academics First

API programs allow for in-classroom delivery of strong academics via our well-respected host institution partners abroad. Students can also access thousands of online courses to supplement their major/minor requirements. In addition, we also offer enrollment management and logistical support or coordination as needed by home campuses.


Provide Housing and Activities

Safe and convenient housing is available, along with API-led cultural and social activities designed to help students build community and maintain a connection to your campus/institutional culture. Innovative virtual workspaces allow for students to connect with people from around the world and expand their global awareness and intercultural understanding.

Big Solutions for a


While we have repeatedly proven to be able to deliver solutions for large groups of students, we can also help you with 3, 5 or even 1 student who wants to study with you while in their home (or another) country. At API, *every* student matters and we can help you place each and every one.

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