API offers a wide variety of international program options around the globe for students and participants of (nearly) all ages... so how do you choose the program that is right for you!?


  • Language of instruction/placement
  • Course/placement offerings
  • Big city or small town?
  • Cost of program
  • Location
  • Excursions / cultural events
  • Duration
  • Housing
  • Extras / special features

Check out our Program Finder which allows you to search by type of program (study abroad, intern, high school, gap), location, subject, lifestyle, and more!

Talk to people at your school, your friends, or anyone that you trust who has studied abroad, and check out reviews of API on popular platforms like Abroad101.com, GoOverseas.com, and GoAbroad.com.

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If you are high school, gap year, or university student, you are strongly advised (and in many cases, required) to meet with an academic advisor, study abroad advisor, guidance counselor, professor, or other key decision makers at your school. The API application for these programs has a component that requires the approval/signature of these decision makers before you can be officially accepted.

Students who are under 18 also will require the approval of their parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to participate.

Now that you've found the right program for you and you've gotten the support of your trusted advisors, family and friends, you're ready to apply!

First - verify the admission requirements and program deadlines (see link below).

Next - click on the yellow 'Apply Now' button (at the top of every page) and begin your online application. Follow the step-by-step instructions, complete the forms by the prescribed deadlines, and start working with your API support staff to plan your trip abroad!

Finally - apply for or renew your passport. See if you need a visa. Start researching travel plans. Apply for API scholarships!

Once an application is complete, it generally takes 10 business days for the applicant to be accepted. In sites where the host university abroad must review the applicant’s materials directly, students may first be offered provisional acceptance through API.

Provisional acceptance provides an opportunity for students to continue the pre-departure process while the university review is being completed. Accepted students are directed to their APIConnect account to complete post-acceptance paperwork, to be submitted online or by mail.

Students who are not accepted are refunded their $150 application deposit.