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Dubrovnik Croatia, Kings Landing Game of Thrones

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Summer Business Academy in Dubrovnik

Tokyo square

Tokyo, Japan

Multidisciplinary Studies and Japanese Culture at Lakeland University Japan

Valencia Spain plaza

Valencia, Spain

Business, Social Sciences and Humanities at FSU Valencia

Cannes, France

Cannes, France

Summer Film and Fashion in Cannes

Big Ben in London, England

London, England

Summer British Studies at Kingston University London

Experience Bilbao with API

Bilbao, Spain

Summer Global Studies and Spanish in Bilbao


Milan, Italy

Summer New Technologies, Fashion and Media Design in Milan

London Bridge Building

London, England

MBA at Richmond University in London

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Europe is Calling

One of the reasons our European destinations are the most popular is because there are so many options! Our expansive array of programs include opportunities for you to study business in Barcelona, language in Lisbon, fine arts in Rome, computer science in Reykjavík, or complete an internship in Edinburgh — and so much more! In addition to coursework, you’ll participate in amazing excursions, reside in safe, convenient housing and have the time of your life!


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Incredible Virtual Options

API’s virtual programs include gap year, study, intern and innovative and engaging lab programs so you can have a truly international learning experience from virtually anywhere. And, thanks to the APIConnect experiential learning platform, our virtual programs are anything but 2-dimensional.



Will it be Argentina, Chile, or Costa Rica?

Study health care or sustainability in Costa Rica. Advance your Spanish skills in Argentina. Enroll in Cuban and Caribbean studies courses in Cuba or engineering, environmental and social sciences courses in Chile. No matter what you want to learn, the countries in Latin America have something amazing to offer!


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The Wonders of Asia-Pacific

From the Himalayas to Shanghai and from Sharjah to Auckland, cities in the Asia-Pacific region of the world offer unique, diverse and beautiful landscapes, as well as engaging, challenging coursework. API encourages you to consider Bhutan, China, the UAE, Australia or New Zealand among your study and intern abroad options.


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Student poses with Volcan Arenal in Costa Rica

Parsons Paris Wants You!

Study Art and Design at Parsons Paris – Any Time of Year

Develop creative and critical thinking skills and apply them to challenges including environmental and economic sustainability and social concerns. Parsons’ network of interconnected design laboratories enables students to explore global phenomena at a number of sites and scales of engagement in on-campus research and initiatives with international partners that focus on urban life in Paris, New York, and elsewhere.

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