How to Apply


Step 1: Research Your Options

API offers a wide variety of international program options around the globe for students and participants of (nearly) all ages… so how do you choose the program that is right for you!?

Things to Consider

  • Language of instruction/placement

  • Course/placement offerings

  • Big city or small town?

  • Cost of program

  • Location

  • Excursions / cultural events

  • Duration

  • Housing

  • Extras / special features


API Application Process

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Step 2: Speak with Your Advisor

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Step 3: Begin Your Online Application


Step 4: Next Steps

Once an application is complete, it generally takes 5-7 business days for the applicant to be accepted. If any follow-up is needed, an API Program Coordinator with be in touch with any next steps. In sites where the host institution abroad must review the applicant’s materials directly, students may first be offered provisional acceptance through API. Provisional acceptance provides an opportunity for students to continue the onboarding process while the university review is being completed.

Once a student is accepted, they will need to to complete an onboarding process for registration with the host institution. Accepted students will be asked to log into APIConnect to submit the required forms by the deadlines provided.

Failure to complete the application or onboarding forms does not warrant a refund.