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Hear from our local teams about what it’s like to study or intern abroad!

Not sure how to decide? Here are some tips:

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Start with a program.

If you’re in college, or planning to be, or if you’re looking for post graduate work or study, the type of program you need will help narrow your search options. Check out our program finder to hone in on what you need next.

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Start with a class.

If you need a specific class in order to meet your degree requirements, then our class finder may be the best tool to help you narrow your search. Class finder will help you search for what you need, then give you all the specifics of the university syllabus.

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Consider climate and time of year.

Hate icy cold winters or hot, steamy summers? Then consider not only where you opt to go, but what time of year. Summer programs in Scotland might be just the escape you need from a too hot July. Or a fall program in Latin America might be the ideal thaw from an icy December.

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Consider what language you want to learn.

Want to reinforce those years of Spanish? Consider Spain or a multitude of cities in Latin America! And rest assured that you don’t have to be native speaker to thrive. All of our locally-based regional directors speak English fluently and can help guide you and teach you the local linguistics and culture.

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Already know where you want to go and what you want to study? Great!

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