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Program Updates

Global Education Offices: To ensure our new programs are available to your students, please update your campus systems with this important program information.

Permanent Cancellations:

  • Health Studies in Salamanca
  • Gap Full Curriculum at University of Stirling
  • Gap Full Curriculum at Maynooth University in Dublin
  • Accelerated Innovation Lab Abroad
  • Spanish and Healthcare in Buenos Aires (custom core that did not make but may be offered again)
  • Summer Filmmaking in Auckland
  • Business, Liberal Arts, and Sciences at Suffolk University in Madrid
  • Internship in Syracuse
  • Internship in the Gold Coast
  • Jan Term in Costa Rica
  • Semester Conde Nast Fashion and Merchandising at Richmond University in London
  • Semester at Universit√© Paris Diderot (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  • Maymester in Sicily (Syracuse)