API’s Latest

Program Updates

Review API’s newest program offerings and stay updated on API’s program suspensions or cancellations.

Temporary Cancellations:

  • Semester, short term and summer programs in Cuba (core programs ONLY. Customized programming are still running)

Permanent Cancellations:

  • Internship in Syracuse
  • Internship in the Gold Coast
  • Jan Term in Costa Rica
  • Semester Conde Nast Fashion and Merchandising at Richmond University in London
  • Semester at Université Paris Diderot (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  • Maymester in Sicily (Syracuse)
  • Maymester Differential Equations in Seville
  • Gap Community Service in Buenos Aires, Santiago and Valparaiso
  • Gap Intensive Language Studies in Buenos Aires
  • International Studies in Croatia (Dubrovnik)
  • Maymester Health Sciences and Shadowing in Costa Rica (San José)
  • Semester Intensive Spanish Language Studies in Buenos Aires
  • Semester and Summer International Business Studies at VSE University of Economics in Prague
  • Summer Business Spanish and Corporate Social Responsibility in Costa Rica
  • Summer French Language at Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne in Paris
  • Summer High School Community Service in The Himalayas (Bhutan) and Costa Rica
  • Summer International Relations and Sports Studies program at the University of Edinburgh
  • Summer Latin American Health Care Studies in Costa Rica
  • Summer National Expedition and Internship Program in Wellington
  • Summer Spanish and Sustainability Practices in Costa Rica
  • Summer Theater and Film in London for High School Students
  • Sustainable Development and Social Justice in Costa Rica
  • All “Study and Internship” programs (7 weeks of internship and 5 weeks of academic coursework) in Barcelona, Dublin, Santiago and Sydney