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The API Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, conducts research on the largest national panel of students to specifically understand their preferences, motivations and behaviors around experiential learning and international education. The API Research app converts this prospective learner data into more precise, actionable insights of the demand for education abroad.

Personalization and Choice

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Experiential Learner


Derived from research-validated statistical models, an understanding of Experiential Learner Mindsets can help institutions tailor their outreach efforts, program design, and support services to reflect their students’ goals and motivations more accurately.

Academic Relevance

These students seek programs that closely align with their existing academic pathway, but also provide complimentary skills and experience.

Personal Discovery

These students seek out programs that offer intensive social interaction and support personal growth through challenges.

Global Immersion

These students will be significantly more motivated to participate in programs that offer immersive cultural and language-based experiences.

Career Advancement

These students will seek programs that have a clear and unambiguous connection to a career path they have already selected.


Your Data

Benchmark your data against the national sample using filters to focus on the areas of importance for your institution.

Survey Your Prospective Learners

Using API”s Survey of Prospective Learners, assess your own prospective students to discover their motivations and priorities on global experiential learning. Leverage these insights to reach new student cohorts, improve experiential learning marketing and enrollment efforts,  or make data-informed strategic decisions about program growth.


Institutional Benchmarking

Compare your institution’s survey data against the largest, nationally representative sample of prospective experiential learner data.  to gain a broader perspective into the mindsets of your prospective students, highlighting areas for strategic growth and targeted improvements at your campus.

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Competitive Survey Analysis

Identify competitive advantages and unique opportunities to enhance your institution’s appeal and position amongst your prospective student group by comparing your Experiential Learner Mindsets™ survey against your competitive enrollment class.


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