Student Visa Process for Bhutan

Your host university in Bhutan will solicit a student visa on your behalf, and you will receive a scanned copy of this visa by email prior to your departure for Thimphu. 


API provides as much information as possible regarding the visa process, but be aware that visa requirements and procedures could change at any time. 

Visas are issued by Royal Thimphu College once they are processed by the Bhutanese government. The decision to issue a visa is entirely under the discretion of the Bhutanese government. API is not able to provide refunds for students whose visas are not approved for any reason. 

What you can do now that you are conditionally accepted by API:

  • Apply for a passport or renew your passport if necessary.
    • Your passport should be valid at least one year beyond your return date to the United States after the study abroad session.
    • Your passport must have at least 3 blank visa pages remaining.
  • You will receive information from your Program Coordinator by email after you are conditionally accepted to the program. At that time we will ask you to provide all of the documentation requested by RTC including the visa application, health and means of subsistence forms. 

What you can do once you are officially accepted by AUS:

  • Purchase your flight (see Travel Arrangements for details). Do not plan to arrive before the program start date, as your visa may not be ready early.
  • Keep an eye out for an email with a scanned copy of your visa. This should arrive at most 1-2 weeks before your departure date.
  • Check the scanned copy of the visa to make sure that all the information on it matches the information in your passport.
    • If all the information is correct, print out a copy of the scanned visa.
    • If there is an error, let API know immediately so we can get you a corrected copy.

When you travel:

  • Take the printed copy of your visa (sent by email) with you to Bhutan.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your entry visa with you in your carry-on luggage when you arrive in Bhutan (make sure all the information typed on the visa is correct).
  • Be sure to have your original passport and Visa stamped with the arrival date. When you go through Passport Control, be sure to ask the agent to put the customs stamp ON THIS VISA. 
  • This is a single entry visa.