Student Visa Process for Portugal


  • Review the API Visa Information document which provides a step by step guide to applying for your visa!
  • Verify the consulate for your jurisdiction. 
  • If you are applying for a visa through the Boston, New Bedford, Newark, or Providence consulates, please contact your Program Coordinator for assistance with the visa process. 
  • If you are not applying through one of the above consulates and are instead going through VFS, click the following link and follow the instructions below:

  • Go through the Step-by-step guide to walk through the application process. The visa type is “Portugal National Visa ‘D’”, also known as the Student Visa. Do NOT select Tourist Visa or Short Term Visa.
  • Select “Visa Type” and choose the Student Visa 
  • Review the requirements on the Student Visa page. If you click “Documents Required”, you should see a general list* of the forms needed to submit the visa application. Here you can review the different tabs: Overview, visa fees, documents required, photo specifications, processing time, and Download forms.

*The list of documents is not an exhaustive list of documents and the applicant could be asked for additional documents if desired by the Consulate General of Portugal after you submit your application. 

Original documents are required by the consulate. API will be sending the following documents by mail to your permanent address unless you indicate otherwise

  • API Acceptance Letter
  • API Proof of Housing
  • API Visa Letter
  • CISI Insurance Letter
  • ISCTE Acceptance Letter 

If you need these documents expedited, please contact your Program Coordinator immediately. We may be able to expedite for an additional fee. 

  • For access to the visa application, click HERE
  • Book an appointment – HERE
  • To find out what happens at the Visa Application Center click here!  
  • In step 4 you will be able to see the visa fees and how to pay them. 
  • You will need to submit your visa application in person or via mail. Please CONFIRM with your consulate. 
    • If mail-in, VFS will typically send you return labels so please check with them to confirm. 
    • If you mail it in, please be advised that you may need to be separated from your passport for a length of time when they’re processing your visa. You cannot go abroad without it. 
    • If you go in person to the initial appointment, please note that you will need to also go in person to pick up your visa. It cannot be picked up by someone else. 

NOTE: If you can expedite your visa, we strongly recommend you do so. VFS is notoriously slow to respond and slow to process visa applications. API will do what we can to assist you, but ultimately, the VFS processing time is out of our control.