API offers students a wonderful opportunity for students to study abroad in Australia and experience life “down under” through study in locations such as Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney. A wide variety of courses are available in English, taught alongside Australian and other international students.

Australia has one of the top systems of higher education in the world (23 of its universities are in the world top 500), and is the 4th largest recipient of international students (behind only the U.S., U.K., and now, France). The country is known for its diverse and beautiful landscapes that span the world’s largest island (or smallest continent, depending on your point of view). Five of Australia’s cities are ranked among the world’s top 30 for students to live in (Mercer), and cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney are known for their eclectic and international makeup. Come experience this amazing land through an API study abroad program in Australia!