API offers students a unique and exciting opportunity to study abroad in Iceland and experience the Icelandic culture and way of life in Reykjavik. API students will take classes at Reykjavík University along with Icelandic and other international students, and will choose from a number of courses in English in subjects such as business, computer science (including game design), engineering and sustainability.

Forged by the fires of still active volcanoes, this magnificent country quite literally straddles the North American and European continental plates. It has also served as a bridge between the two societies for centuries, becoming an outpost of European explorers as far back as the 9th century. Iceland takes advantage of its abundant, renewable resources, and derives nearly all of its power from geothermal energy, and as such is a world leader in sustainable energy planning. The country is much more than its natural beauty though – despite its small population and size, Iceland is one of the most technologically developed and socially progressive countries in the world. Come explore this great northern wonder with API!