API Video Gallery

Intercultural Learning


Helping students make the most of intercultural learning through the Learning Experience App in APIConnect.


Sustainable Development Goals


Encouraging students to incorporate experiential learning into their educational journey by aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs.


Lean Launchpad


Learn how students work in innovative teams to solve global challenges using SDGs as a framework, giding learners through ideation, market testing, and building a business model. 

Career Preparedness


See an example of our Career Preparedness programming as students take on an elevator pitch exercise in pursuit of API’s Global Leadership digital badge. 


APIConnect Overview


Learn more about APIConnect, the apps it features, and what each app provides to both colleges and universities, as well as students. 


API Students 2021


Learn from students who studied abroad with API during COVID and how they had amazing, safe experiences!