API Has Accepted You


Congratulations! We’re excited to accept into Parsons Paris Pre-College Summer Art & Design program. Please read the information below about what comes next!

Now that you have been accepted, we need to get you onboarded into Parsons. The deadline to complete your required forms is March 15, 2022, and the final payment deadline is April 1st. Here is what they will need:


  1. Upload a copy of your grade report to your APIConnect account**
  2. Submit your course preferences in your APIConnect account
  3. Make your $400 confirmation deposit: Payments can be made directly through your APIConnect account. The confirmation deposit is deducted from the overall program cost and should be paid as soon as possible.  
  4. Complete the Parent Authorization Form: This form must be signed by the legal guardian of the participant. Parents should view the Parent Authorization form and electronically sign here. Completion of the Parent Authorization Form and the confirmation payment confirm your intent to move forward with the program. 
  5. Study Code of Conduct: This form can be viewed by your legal guardian, but must be signed by the participant. You can view the Code of Conduct and electronically sign here.
  6. HOLD A SPOT IN A COURSE: To be eligible for course registration, submit the full program payment. You will indicate your course preferences on the registration form with your application. We will begin to process your registration and request a spot in your desired class as soon as registration opens as long as you are officially confirmed in the program and have paid in full. Course confirmations will be sent via email in the API Final Packet emails 2-3 weeks before the program starts. 
  7. Full program payment – Payments can be made directly through your APIConnect account. The last day to submit the full program payment is April 1, 2022. Courses are filled in the order of payments received. If you have a preferred course, we encourage you to submit the full program payment as soon as possible. Submission of the full program payment holds your place in the program and course.

**If English is your second language: submit TOEFL/IELTS scores OR an interview with PC. Students currently attending an English speaking secondary school are exempt from this requirement. Your grade report will show proof of English classes.


To date, API is planning to offer Summer 2022 programs. Should API have to cancel any future programs due to continued travel restrictions or other on-site circumstances, our website will be updated accordingly and you will be notified promptly so you can consider alternate plans for the summer.


Due to CDC recommendations and continual developments in vaccination requirements around the world, API has instituted a requirement that all participants are vaccinated prior to starting a program. If you have not yet been vaccinated, we ask that you make plans to do so right away. 

As always, API’s primary objective is to keep you students safe and supported, and as such, we will continue to monitor the entry restrictions and communicate any new testing or quarantine requirements that may become necessary. You can reference API’s Covid-19 webpage for the most up-to-date information.


All students must have a current passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months after the program end date, to travel abroad.  Shelter-in-place conditions around the U.S.  have significantly extended passport processing times.  You can find updated information regarding U.S. passport processing in response to COVID-19 here. You can still apply in person for a U.S. passport at some acceptance facilities and renew through the mail, but please be aware that options are more limited during this time. These are not normal times and expedited services are now taking up to 3-4 times longer than usual (up to 12 weeks)! For visa appointments, host university registration and other on-site preparations, you will need your passport months ahead of your actual departure date. 

Non-U.S. citizens, click here for more details about this process for you.  Please be aware that visa processing at consulates around the world may currently be suspended due to shelter-in-place and other quarantine measures.  


US and EU citizens do not need a visa to participate in this program. Note that some students may need a visa to study in France. Please visit France Visas to determine if you will need to obtain a visa prior to departure. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the standard visa process is delayed and visa appointments may not be available at many consulates. 


All students, regardless of their housing selection, will enjoy participating in group activities on weekends and holidays. All students are also eligible for a group pick-up in Paris upon arrival, provided their itinerary meets the parameters outlined on the Flight Form and they share their flight information with API in advance. Students will also be provided with return transportation to the airport as a group on the program end date. Students and families who would like to make alternate plans during scheduled program activities or for their student’s departure from Paris will be required to submit written approval in advance. You will receive a detailed schedule of activities for the session in your API Final Packet email, which is sent via email approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the start of the program. This will also include specific instructions for notifying API if you will not be participating in a particular component of the program so that this can be documented prior to your arrival in Paris.


If you will be traveling with prescribed medications, click here to review important information about taking prescriptions abroad. Be sure to follow up with us if you have any questions. If you do not take any prescription medications, you may disregard this information.

Medical insurance is included in the API program fee. Details of coverage will be sent at a later date. 


API is committed to providing enriching international experiences to its participants. We believe in the importance of promoting acceptance, dignity, and respect among people of all backgrounds.

We encourage you to complete our demographic survey so we can track our progress and remain conscious of how well our programs are attracting students from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Should you wish to receive additional follow-up from API regarding our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion or your individual experience abroad, you are welcome to reach out and we will connect you with a member of our Student Success team for further collaboration and discussion.