2022 API Alumni #TravelTuesdays Roundup

January 6, 2023
api alumni

As we reflect on 2022, we wanted to share some of the stories our API Alumni shared with our #TravelTuesdays series on social media. We hope their photos and experiences inspire you to explore your opportunities abroad this coming year and consider these locations for your 2023 plans!

API Alumni Experiences

Costa Rica

Meet student blogger, Savannah Stanley! She’s a University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and a Spring 2019 API student alumni. She enrolled in API’s Multidisciplinary & Environmental Studies program at Universidad Veritas in San Jose, Costa Rica. Savannah shared her first impressions of the gorgeous homestay where she lived!

“Every morning when I eat breakfast, my Mama Tica, (my Costa Rican host mother), and Tia, (Costa Rican host aunt), sit with me. Our chats range from how I am feeling to traditional Costa Rican food to the current economic crisis. My heart glows knowing that they truly care about my day, mood, sleep, health, ability to learn Spanish, and so on. In less than a week, I feel as though I am a part of this familia tica (Costa Rican family).”

api alumni

Another student, Sara Oswalt, interned with API in Costa Rica

“Interning in Costa Rica has been a fantastic experience so far! While here I’ve been able to do a rotational internship with the company COAMESA. They are a company that assists with the marketing and distribution of products throughout Central America. So far, I have been able to learn from the Operations and Marketing Departments. I was able to visit production plants and try to make some of the products as well as visit the physical stores and check on the layouts. Walmart is also a large grocery store in Costa Rica, and it’s been crazy to see the influence that it has over the world when its headquarters are so close to campus!”

api alumni


API Alum Hanna Murphy, a Criminology and Delinquency major at Emporia State University, studied abroad in London at Kingston University. We were lucky enough to ask her a few questions about her experience with API. 

“When I traveled to London in January, I was a Creative Writing major. By the time I came home, I realized Creative Writing was not the direction I wanted to take my life. So I switched majors to Criminology and Delinquency, making Creative Writing my minor. We took an excursion to The London Dungeons where we learned about Jack the Ripper. 

I wrote a paper about him, and I realized this topic sparked a lot of interest in me; I enjoy solving problems and mysteries! I think that is something I could do with my life. 

As a result, I spoke to my advisor at Emporia, and she helped me make the switch. If I hadn’t gone on that excursion, I may have never discovered this passion. In this way, API made a large impact on my career trajectory.”

api alumni


We also featured Brigid Loftus, a University of Massachusetts, Amherst student. Brigid studied abroad in 2019 with API in Rome, Italy! She wrote a helpful blog post on how to balance weekend trips and travel with your coursework. 

“Scheduling time out of my day to do homework greatly increased the freedom I had to explore both Rome and other countries on the weekend.”

api alumni

Next, we heard from University of Alabama student and API Alumni, Anna Johnson, who studied abroad in Florence, Italy. She encouraged students to explore other cities while abroad! 

“Since it is so easy and fairly cheap to travel within Italy, I figured a quick trip to Milan, the fashion capital, was in order. It was absolutely worth it as the Duomo di Milano is breathtaking.”

api alumni

Ava Giorgio, a Public Relations student at Harrington School, spent her junior year in Florence, Italy with API! She explored her interests in Italian culture, history, and traditions. 

“I got to see parts of the world in four months that have been on my bucket list since I was little. Embracing the culture’s customs, traditions, and social atmospheres made my experience much more enjoyable.”

api alumni

Rachael, a Global Ambassador and Salve Regina student, also studied abroad with API in Florence! She emphasizes the strength of the friendships she made while abroad. 

“My friends and I met in Florence when studying abroad with API last spring in 2022. We connected immediately, did everything together in Florence, and traveled to other cities together. On our final night together, we all sat on the steps of Santa Croce, discussing when we would meet up again.  

Fast forward after our experience, and we decided to meet in Newport, Rhode Island, for my and Chloe’s birthday. We had friends travel from Alabama, Vermont, Connecticut, and so on! We ate at Italian restaurants reminiscing about our time in Italy, comparing the meals from the ones we shared together abroad.”

api alumni


Finally, we had the chance to learn about Tamara Anderson’s experience studying abroad in Seville, Spain! Some of her favorite experiences included flamenco dancing in the streets and excursions to Granada with other API students. Her time in Spain also revealed her skills in adaptability and reinforced her values surrounding friends and community. 

“When studying abroad with API, I recommend taking advantage of the excursions! You can travel without worrying about organizing the little things–API takes care of it for you!”

api alumni

Shoutout to Our API Alumni!

A big thank you to our API Alumni who shared their experiences with us! In sharing your stories, we spread the word about the benefits of studying and interning abroad. Your story may have a positive impact on other students, encouraging them to consider a life-changing experience abroad! 

If you studied or interned abroad with API, and wish to share your memories, experiences, travel tips, and more, please reach out! You can DM us through our Instagram account or email Hannah at hannah.olevson@apiexperience.com. We would love to feature you and share your story!


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