2023 API Program Updates

January 24, 2023
Students enjoying new API programs

We’ve recently launched new API programs and made updates to our existing program list. Read below to see the latest details on what’s new and what’s changing.

New Programs: Click the title of each to view the program page.

Jan Term in London

Dive into a world-class educational adventure in one of the world’s most iconic cities—London! Earn credits in just a few weeks with coursework covering the roots of England’s iconic literature or England’s rich and unique history. Beyond the classroom, explore London’s abundant heritage, art, and culture, from the historic Tower of London to the vibrant West End. Make the most of your winter break by seizing the chance to live and learn in the heart of London with Richmond American University.

Full Curriculum at Berklee College of Music in Valencia

Study at one of the world’s top music schools—Berklee College of Music! Students will gain an international perspective on music, art, and technology at Berklee’s Valencia, Spain campus. With top-rated faculty whom are professionals in their respective fields, Berklee offers students coursework across much of the music space including contemporary performance, music production, film scoring, and more. Non-music majors can also find elective coursework for an incredible semester abroad in stunning Valencia, Spain!

Spanish Studies at Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires

Study in Argentina’s vibrant and exciting capital city, Buenos Aires! Students will enroll in coursework at Universidad de Belgrano with a concentration on Spanish language and Latin American studies. Be within easy reach of the city’s cultural landmarks, tango dancing, and world-class cuisine outside the classroom doors. Some universities accept this program to fulfill Spanish minor requirements in just one semester (check with your study abroad office)!

Spanish and Healthcare in Buenos Aires

Offered in conjunction with the College of Charleston and Universidad de Belgrano, this semester long program is uniquely targeted to provide participants with linguistic and cultural fluency through advanced level Spanish courses with a focus on public health. Students will also have the opportunity to enhance their Spanish language skills by living with a local host family.

This is a customized, faculty-led program and it is not eligible for API-funded scholarships.

Full Curriculum at Hellenic American University in Athens 

Study abroad in historic and picturesque Athens, Greece with API! Uncover ancient wonders like the iconic Temple of Zeus, the Acropolis, and more all within walkable distance from campus. But don’t let all the history fool you—this program’s academics are more than modern, with degrees in popular majors like Business, Engineering, Music, Psychology, and Greek cultural studies. Dive into the roots of our modern world and study abroad against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea.

Full Curriculum at Korea University in South Korea 

Study at one of Asia’s most prestigious and multicultural universities—Korea University—with API! Not only will students have a vast array of subject areas available, but just outside the classroom lies the vibrant capital city of Seoul. A perfect blend of modern and traditional, Seoul offers students unique cultural exposure including grand palaces, delicious street food, and the dynamic K-pop music scene. Come explore Korea and immerse yourself while gaining a top tier educational experience!

International Business Studies in Paris 

Study at one of Europe’s top business schools in the captivating city of Paris, renowned for its famous sites and global influence. Hone your business skills and expand your network amidst a vibrant international student community. Learn from world-class professors and broaden your global perspective with unique learning experiences. From delicious French cuisine to iconic landmarks, students will have the opportunity to embrace Paris’ distinctive joie de vivre.

Summer Environment, Culture, and Health in Costa Rica

Offered in conjunction with Southern Oregon University, dive into the cross-section between humans and the environment in this unique summer program in Costa Rica! You will explore the intersections of environment, diet, culture, religion, and agriculture that allows humans to live longer and healthier lives. This program is a perfect fit if you’re a Health Science major or minor, but can also be a good match if you’re interested in sustainability, environmental science, international studies, and more!

This is a customized, faculty-led program and it is not eligible for API-funded scholarships.

Summer Film and Fashion in Cannes

Study Filmmaking and Fashion in the French Riviera this summer! Famous for the glamorous Cannes Film Festival, this is a unique collaboration between Parsons Paris and ESRA International Film School. Students gain hands-on filmmaking experience and learn fashion and film from the experts. They also have access to the city that brings these artistic forms together like no other!

Public Health with UMass Amherst in Croatia

Study abroad in Dubrovnik, Croatia—a picturesque, medieval walled city located in the heart of the Adriatic Sea—and earn upper-division public health course credit taught by UMass Public Health and Health Sciences faculty on this fall semester program. This program is a perfect fit for Public Health and Health Science majors and minors but can also be a good match for students interested in the medical field, public policy, or social sciences! Live AND learn firsthand about global health challenges on this unique program in one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations.

This is a customized, faculty-led program and it is not eligible for API-funded scholarships.

Multidisciplinary Studies and Japanese Culture at Lakeland University Japan

Come join API and study in one of the most dynamic and populated locations in the Asian Pacific—Tokyo, Japan! Study at Lakeland University Japan in the Ryogoku neighborhood, conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo and minutes from the train station. From skyscrapers to ancient temples to bustling food markets, Tokyo offers exciting cultural experiences for visiting students across the city.

Summer British Studies at Kingston University

Our summer program at Kingston University, named a top UK university in 2021 by The Guardian, offers a broad array of courses across various academic disciplines. It is especially strong in Business (AACSB accredited Business School), Communication, Journalism, and more. For students hoping for a blend of small town English charm and the bustling London metro, this program is an ideal fit! 

Summer Global Studies and Spanish in Bilbao

API’s summer program in Bilbao, Spain offers students 5 weeks in one of Spain’s most beautiful northern cities. The program takes place at Universidad de Deusto. It is perfect for students looking for an intensive Spanish language program and AACSB accredited summer program.

Internship in Bilbao

API’s summer internships in Bilbao cover a wide variety of placements including Business & Marketing, Art & Design, Hospitality & Tourism, International Relations, Health Sciences, and STEM opportunities! Over the eight-week session, students will intern with a Spanish company with mentorship by Universidad de Deusto staff.

Summer Business Academy in Dubrovnik

This new program takes place in beautiful Croatia at the University of Dubrovnik! Spend ten days in Dubrovnik, one of Europe’s hottest summer destinations, learning from renowned faculty and practitioners about everything from sustainable blue economies to data analytics in sports.

All in all, you can find these updates and more in the Program Updates section of our Resources page. To see all of the new API program options we have to offer, you can explore our program finder.

Program Changes

Maymester in Sicily (Syracuse)

Syracuse Academy has canceled the Maymester in Sicily (Syracuse) program. This program has been removed from our website and campus listings.

Vikings, Wizards, & Vampires at Alnwick Castle

Fort Hays State University has canceled this program for Summer 2024. This program has also been removed from our website and campus listings.


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