5 great places for foodies to study abroad – National Culinary Arts Month

July 11, 2019
API students pose in their green aprons for a Madrid cooking class

July is National Culinary Arts Month! Because local cuisine is such a huge part of a city’s culture and identity, food is one of our favorite things to talk about at #APIabroad.

Today we’re focusing on five foodie-friendly places where you can study or intern abroad! Some programs in these cities also offer culinary studies courses, meaning they’re also great options for future chefs. Visit our website or give us a call at 800-844-4124 for help narrowing down the best program for you!

API students pose in their green aprons for a Madrid cooking class

Five foodie-friendly places to study abroad

1. France

In a surprise to no one, the beautiful country of France is at the top of our foodie-friendly list. Paris provides ample opportunities for study abroad and intern abroad students to expand their palettes as the capital city boasts thousands of amazing local cafes and restaurants. From escargot to coq au vin, French food is an experience, not just a meal!

API in Paris

Some of our API programs can take your love of food even further. For example, if you’re accepted into our French Language & Culture Program in Caen, you might be able to enroll in the Gastronomy and Heritage course! This fantastic class, offered by the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, immerses students in the art and practice of choosing, cooking and eating good food. You’ll learn how French food and French culture are intertwined. The Francophone world is among the populations of people who take their nutrition and meals seriously. Each meal should be delicious and enjoyed with loved ones!

2. Spain

If you’ve been to Spain, you already know: tapas are a way of life! American students often find themselves surprised at the purposeful and meaningful way Spaniards enjoy their meals. While Americans are mostly eating on the go and in a hurry, families here believe in slowing down at meal times to enjoy each other’s company. It’s this sense of community that often sticks with study abroad alumni after their return to the states. When you study abroad here and head out to your first afternoon of tapas, you’ll fall in love with this tradition!

API offers a Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy Program at the Universitat de Barcelona. This program offers a range of courses in both English and Spanish, so you can be sure there’s an option for you! Of course, classes in Culinary Studies are offered. Students can also choose from course options in Event Management, Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism, and more. When you enroll, you can choose from a Hotel Management Track or a Tourism Management Track, depending on your career and educational goals.

Another great option in Spain is our Spanish Language and Humanities Program in Seville. By studying alongside Spaniards, you can find yourself picking up the Spanish language faster than you might otherwise. Students can choose from courses like Creative Writing and Contemporary Spanish Cinema, but there’s also culinary studies-based courses! One example: Literatura Y Cocina: Escriber, Leer, Cocinar, Comer (in English: Literature & Cookery – Writing, Reading, Cooking, Eating). This course helps students approach the world of cooking through literature in different periods throughout history.

3. Australia

Australia is a cultural melting pot of people from all over the world. Because of this, study and intern abroad students can find an eclectic variety of cuisine to try during their time in this gorgeous country.

Study abroad students at Melbourne skyline

An excellent opportunity in Australia for culinary arts students or foodies is an internship abroad! In the past we have placed culinary studies students with local chefs. This priceless experience allows you to add “international culinary skills” to your resume.

Each internship is personalized and customized; no two internships look the same. Interested in learning to cook in a hotel setting? Wanting to open your own food truck someday? Let us know what your career goals are and our internship team will work hard to find the perfect placement for you in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane and other beautiful places in Australia.

4. Cuba

The API group in Baracoa (eastern Cuba)

Cuba is one of the most unique countries in the world, which makes it a perfect place for foodies to try new dishes and cuisine! With influences from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, Cuban culture and identity is a rare blend that is best experienced by… well, spending time with Cubans! Families here are very friendly and open to sharing their customs and history with international students.

Cuban food is as diverse as its people, with influences coming from Spanish, Caribbean, African and Native American foods. Some of our #APIabroad alumni who studied abroad in Cuba cited the food as their favorite part of the experience! From shrimps in coconut sauce to Tamal en cazuela, there is no shortage of eclectic and delicious food options.

Our programs in Cuba are unique in that we offer flexible program options, including a Language & Culture Program offered in the summer or for the January term. These shorter options are great for students on a tighter timeline or with a tighter budget.

5. Italy

Italian food is renowned around the world, so of course we had to include Italy on this list of best study abroad locations for foodies! From gelato tasting to cooking classes, API programs in Italy are a foodie’s dream.

Anna Johnson

Another reason to think about Italy: API offers host family placements here! This is, by far, our favorite housing option! By choosing to live with a family (often a young family, a single or widowed woman, or an older couple), you’re already 10 steps ahead of your foodie friends! Two meals per day are offered, along with the opportunity to ask your host family about some local recipes you can bring home after your program.

From Tuscania to Rome, each region of Italy offers a different type of Italian cuisine. By studying abroad in this beautiful country, you’re closer than ever to inexpensive travel options where you can expand your palette!

Of course, if you go abroad to any of these program locations, we want to see your adventures!

Use #ispyAPI & #APIabroad on Instagram and show us the best dishes you try during your time abroad!


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