API Alumni: Alyssa’s Internship Abroad in Barcelona

November 2, 2023
internship abroad in barcelona

Are you wondering if you should study or intern abroad? If you’re unsure, sometimes hearing the stories of students who have gone before you may help you decide between your options. Take it from Alyssa Jones, a student at The University of Arkansas, who interned abroad at a mental health clinic in Barcelona, Spain. After going abroad to work in a different country, Alyssa shared her story with our API team. Read her experience below, and learn why an internship abroad in Barcelona can be an exceptional choice for gaining hands-on work experience! 

Alyssa’s Journey

Alyssa, had always harbored a deep desire to travel and explore the world, sharing, “I found API through my university’s study abroad office and knew instantly that I didn’t want to just take classes, but really immerse myself in another culture. I wanted to intern in a facility that would benefit me in the future while also giving me hands-on experience.”

The Allure of an Internship Abroad in Barcelona

Choosing an internship abroad in Barcelona was an easy decision for Alyssa. The city’s stunning beaches, architectural marvels by Gaudi, and unique Catalonian culture all beckoned to her adventurous spirit.

Upon arriving in Barcelona, Alyssa formed deep connections with her roommates. She lived with five girls from various corners of the United States, each pursuing different fields of study. Together, they embarked on a transformative summer abroad. From leaning on each other for support to sharing meals, they created lasting memories!

internship abroad in barcelona

A Transformative Internship Experience

Alyssa’s internship at a mental health clinic provided her with a wealth of captivating stories. As a psychology major aspiring to work in that field, she gained valuable insights. This included a deeper look into professional patient interaction and the importance of building trust before effective work could begin.

One of the big takeaways for her future career were the marked differences in mental health treatment and perception compared to the United States. In Spain, she observed an emphasis on interpersonal relationships and talk therapy, which fostered trust between patients and providers. She noticed this contrasted the more medication-focused approach often seen in America. With this new global perspective from interning abroad, she will carry valuable knowledge into her studies and professional pursuits after graduation.

internship abroad in barcelona

A Life-Changing Journey

Interning abroad in Barcelona turned out to be a transformative experience for Alyssa. She reflects, “Interning abroad was one of the best things I could have done not only for my professional future, but for my personal understanding of the world. Getting to immerse yourself in another culture is life changing and opens your eyes to a different world, pushing you to grow and adapt” 

Alyssa continues, “I’m forever thankful to API and my intern abroad family for the countless memories and the experience of a lifetime!”

It’s Your Turn to Go Abroad

Feeling inspired by Alyssa’s journey? We have internship abroad programs waiting for you all across the globe where you can kickstart your career all while exploring new cultures. Check out other internship abroad programs we offer! 

internship abroad in barcelona

Shoutout to Our Alumni!

Lastly, we wanted to give a big thank you to our API Alumni who shared their experiences with us! In sharing your stories, we spread the word about the benefits of studying and interning abroad. Your story may have a positive impact on other students, encouraging them to consider a life-changing experience abroad! 

If you studied or interned abroad with API, and wish to share your memories, experiences, travel tips, and more, please reach out! You can DM us through our Instagram account @apiabroad or email our Director of Alumni, Hannah Olevson, at [email protected]. We look forward to featuring your story!


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