6 reasons to study abroad in Galway, Ireland

February 18, 2019

Nestled along Ireland’s west coast lies the harbor city of Galway. From stone-clad cafes to the long winding lanes of the Latin Quarter, the city remains a hidden gem for travelers and students alike.  Although you’ll find crowded touristy areas in bigger cities, Galway remains mostly untouched! This provides a truly immersive Irish experience for students who choose to study abroad here.

Speaking of choosing where to study abroad, here’s 5 reasons why Galway makes for a perfect host city!

Study abroad students in Galway, Ireland

1. Galway is a fantastic option for sports fans

It is home to several sports teams. From Galway United F.C. to the Connacht Rugby team, students can explore both familiar and unfamiliar sports during their stay. Galway’s fans provide an exciting, fast-paced atmosphere for game-watching in pubs, restaurants and beyond. In addition, our direct enrollment program allows students to join a variety of sports clubs! Some examples include archery, cricket, hurling, karate, ladies football and more!

Kylemore Abbey Castle in Galway

2. It’s home to some of Ireland’s most iconic landscapes

The city is situated along the scenic route of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Because of this, students are no more than a few minutes’ walk from beautiful cliffs and coastlines. In addition, you’ll find rich history! When you think of Ireland, you often think of beautiful, majestic castles. Rest assured you’ll see plenty of that (& more!) when you join us in Galway.

3. There’s always something going on

The city center is a hive of activity with events going on almost all the time. There’s never a shortage of activities for students. That’s especially true in the summer, when the Galway Races and fantastic Galway Arts Festival takes place. The festival coincides with our Summer School in Irish Studies program dates, which means if you join us in Galway this summer, you’ll get to see this phenomenal event for yourself!

4. It’s the center of Gaelic history & heritage

The Gaelic language and culture originated in Galway and once extended all the way to western Scotland. The culture also has strong influences form peoples such as the Vikings, the Normans and the Lowland Scots. Today, you’ll find no shortage of Gaelic influence in Galway.

If you’re interested in learning more about Galway & Irish history, our Summer School in Irish Studies program is a great fit. Students take a variety of coursework. Some examples include Irish History, Ireland Literature & Film, and Gaelic Culture. In addition, API takes students on excursions to see more of Ireland! From the Aran Islands to Dingle, you can check far more off your Irish bucket list when you study abroad with API.

5. It’s the perfect destination for foodies

Are you vegan, gluten-free, or have another dietary restriction? You will find no shortage of options available. If you’re passionate about food in general, you’ll feel right at home. With the Galway Food Festival returning next year, our Spring 2020 students will get a first taste into why residents here are known for being the “foodies” of Ireland. This festival provides some of the world’s most unique dish combinations for your tasting pleasure! In addition, this beautiful place is also home to the International Oyster & Seafood Festival. Because the city sits along the coastline, this festival offers the freshest seafood you’ll find almost anywhere in the world. It’s also the longest-running oyster festival in history, so that says all you need to know! Galway residents pride themselves on their cuisine, and the city offers a wide variety of food options.

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