Accelerate Your Career: Add an Internship to Your Study Abroad Program

December 14, 2022
accelerate your career while abroad

When thinking about experiential learning abroad, you may wonder which is the right choice for you: studying or interning abroad. The truth is, there are advantages to both! Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to earn credits toward graduation while studying the history and culture of your host country. Interning abroad provides the chance to build your resumé, gain work experience, and increase exposure to industries that interest you. If you’re on the fence between studying or interning abroad, you don’t have to choose! API has offerings that allow you to mix-and-match your experience that results in ALL the benefits. If you have extra credits to spare, read on to see how API can support you in accelerating your career abroad.

Project-Based Internships

Serving as an add-on to your study abroad program, the project-based internship allows you to work with a company virtually. With a team of other students, you brainstorm, prototype, and test ideas to produce feasible, viable, and sustainable solutions that you present to the organization at the end of your internship. To get started with a project-based internship, all you need to do is express interest to your program coordinator when you start your application.

Innovation Lab 

API’s Innovation Lab is a great opportunity if you enjoy problem solving and thinking critically. Additionally, if you hope to learn more about leveraging the UN Global Goals to tackle global problems such as poverty, gender equality, and climate action, this add-on experience may be right for you! With these issues in mind, students work on a team and provide business solutions with an emphasis on innovation. Adding the innovation lab onto your study abroad experience allows you to walk away with skills in concept design, cross-cultural teamwork, and collaboration.

Community Engagement Lab

For 12 weeks, you work with a team of students to explore the ways you can create actionable change in your communities at home and abroad. This program is fitting for students interested in working with community-based organizations and exploring the fundamentals of making change. With this lab you can access from anywhere, you will learn to identify areas for growth and produce a capstone action plan. Talk to your program coordinator when you start your application to learn more about adding the community engagement lab to your study abroad program! 

Virtual Global Internship

Access to global experiences, whether you’re at home or abroad, is also an option with a Virtual Global Internship. This experience allows you to still differentiate your resume, earn essential skills that employers value, and grow your professional network while building valuable skills in a remote workplace. You can opt for a part-time or full-time internship to accelerate your career while abroad.

Through API’s career accelerating programs, you can add on resumé building experiences to your study abroad journey! We built these options to fulfill various needs, so you can customize an experience as unique as you. You can learn more about accelerating your career while abroad and all of your options on our Internships page.


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