Intern Abroad in London: Mia’s Experience

December 7, 2022
intern abroad in london

Are you considering an internship abroad? As you explore your options, it’s always helpful to hear first-hand experiences from students just like you! Meet Mia Morelli, an API Alum studying at The New School and majoring in Design, Fashion, and Applied Arts. She gave us a glimpse into her experience interning at Jalin Designs in London, England. Read on to learn more about her routines, biggest takeaways, and highlights from her intern abroad experience in England’s capital city!

Where did you intern abroad in London?

I interned abroad at Jalin Designs in London, England. Though I worked in Technology and Production, I had the opportunity to shadow each department throughout different projects! I found this incredibly beneficial considering my professional goal to have my own business one day. I gained more knowledge at this company than any other I’ve interned with. It was incredible to see the lifecycle of the garments from the initial client meeting right through to distribution! 

Describe a typical day interning abroad in London!

Thinking back, one of my favorite parts of the internship was that I could not plan out a “typical day.” Of course, there were tasks I most commonly completed, such as responding to emails, completing quality control, or researching clients. However, the office constantly had new projects, which kept me moving and learning throughout my time there. 

What was your biggest takeaway from your London internship?

The biggest takeaway I had on a personal and professional level was the importance of community within an office setting. This experience marked my sixth internship in fashion. In my previous experience, my passion for the fashion industry is what drove my enthusiasm for work, but at Jalin, I was equally motivated by the people who worked there. This is an industry that can be very isolating and competitive, and I never felt that at Jalin. Everyone was invested in each other’s success and  demonstrated the importance of teamwork and respect needed for one another to complete a job.

Especially given that my trip abroad to London was my first time leaving the USA, (and I knew no one in the API program), having a support system within my work environment was so important during my semester. As cliché as it sounds to say, my internship abroad was a life-changing experience — there is really no better way to describe it.

Any other highlights you would like to share?

The excursions and community events API organized for us! Looking back, I can’t stress enough how important I found the excursions to be. Without them, I believe I would’ve felt lost in the shuffle and would’ve had a hard time making friends. API built a community with the API kids, especially for someone like me who was the only one interning full-time. I didn’t have the opportunity to make friends in class the same way my flatmates did. I found even the little things to be important in building connections with each other, like going to the James Bond movie or a community dinner. It also gave us the chance to get close to our leaders, Sally and Ari, so I always felt like I had people to turn to if something went wrong. 

It’s Your Turn to Intern Abroad!

Feeling inspired by Mia’s experience? Are you ready to take the leap yourself? England is waiting for you! This London internship could serve as a great option for students pursuing majors in Fashion, Design, Film, or Hospitality. For more information about interning abroad in England or other locations across the globe, check out our program finder

This blog was written by a member of our API Ambassador program, which is for students who have successfully completed an API program abroad. Want to talk to an API Alum yourself? You can do so at this link 


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