Alumni Feedback on Our 20 Virtual Programs

February 27, 2021

As you know, 2020 was a year that dramatically changed the landscape of international education. In order to support students and partners seeking global learning opportunities in a pandemic world, API developed a suite of innovative virtual programming. A number of students who had planned to travel abroad last year instead took advantage of these new programs, as did students from across the world who were looking for meaningful ways to engage with people across cultures. We are thrilled with the feedback we have received from participants from our 2020 virtual programming, some of which is provided below.

Innovation Lab

“The experience of creating a nearly full-blown business plan, the opportunity to learn from the keynote speakers, and the ability to work with a team from around the world are extremely unique when compared with anything that can be experienced in a typical university class.” ~Nicholas M., International Business Administration major

“I think the API Lab offered a wonderful chance to connect with students from all around the world and learn about business practices in an engaging and valuable way. Guest speakers provided incredible industry and experience insights and mentors were supportive and offered fantastic guidance. The content in the modules exceeded my expectations, especially in combination with the keynote speakers.” ~Madeline D., Economics and Neuroscience double major

Virtual Internships

“My internship helped me gain valuable soft skills as well as hard skills that can translate across a variety of jobs.  I also have a better perspective on working with coworkers from other cultures, and a better understanding of the specific culture I interacted with.” ~Courtney T., French major

“I have a portfolio of work I’ve done to show off to potential employers, I have a better idea of what to expect, and I am more excited about the kind of work I’m able to do when I graduate.” ~Christopher L., Communications major

“This exceeded my expectations because I was extremely happy with the work that I did and the people that I met and I thought that that would be hard to do virtually.” ~Megan H., International & Global Studies and Sociology double major

Digital Badges

“The API Learning and Engagement digital badge program expanded and contributed to my flexibility, communication, and other soft skills during a time of great uncertainty and chaos. Although this program was not what I had planned to do with my time this summer, it taught me that sometimes your plans change and it’s for the better. I honestly feel that I have gained a lot of valuable skills from this experience and learned more about my host location and other locations while at home.” ~Briyana M. (virtual study abroad – Salamanca – participant), Spanish and Environmental Studies double major

“I would say that it is an amazing experience that you would not find anywhere else. The opportunities offered through this virtual program, will not only teach you, but will change you. It is something you will take with you forever.” ~Mariela G. (virtual internship participant), Latin American Studies major


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