Parsons Paris: Art & Design Courses for High School Students

January 3, 2021
Parsons Paris school of art & design

Start Building Your Design Portfolio at

Parsons Paris

Say Oui to start building your design portfolio in Paris, France! With the Summer Art and Design program, you will live in Paris for three-weeks, learning from industry experts at the renowned Parsons Paris, studying drawing, photography, fashion, and more. You’ll also get the chance to explore the majestic city and surrounding areas through API’s cultural activities and excursions, led by local and experienced staff!

Get ready to be inspired in one of the fashion capitals of the world by going online with Parsons Paris now. Two virtual courses now available:

Inside the Business of Fashion and Luxury
– and –
Inside Fashion Design: Becoming a Designer for the 21st Century

These courses will enable you to learn the process involved in bringing a design concept to life, what it takes to build a collection that tells a story, and the skills you need to pursue a career in fashion design.

Experience life in Paris and learn design from the experts next summer! Details below.

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