#TravelTuesdays Recap: API Alumni Experiences

August 29, 2023
API Alumni

With school back in session, we wanted to share a recap of travel stories shared by our API Alumni this past summer! Through our #TravelTuesdays series on social media, we hope you feel inspired to consider your own opportunities to study or intern abroad.

API Alumni Experiences

Costa Rica 

Meet Rachel Saunders from Virginia Tech! Rachel studied abroad with API in Costa Rica and had an amazing experience. As a Microbiology and Spanish double major, API Abroad gave her the opportunity to take a class called Spanish for Medical Professionals.

API Alumni Experiences Abroad

Rachel opted to stay with a host family, which allowed her to experience the country in a more personal way. She loved it so much that she now considers them as family and has even traveled back to Costa Rica a few times to visit them!

Rachel also had a great experience with API Abroad, noting that the process was simple and organized. “API was so easy-to-use and so well-organized. I am so glad they carved out a program for students like me pursuing medicine!”

students enjoying their time abroad


Another API Alumni, Greta Carrier, went abroad to Barcelona, Spain. She’s majoring in Criminology and Sociology and minoring in Spanish at Virginia Tech. Greta hit a plateau in her classroom Spanish learning and knew the only way to progress was to throw herself into a Spanish-speaking environment. That’s when she decided to spend an entire semester in Barcelona with API Abroad.

In Greta’s own words, “API set me up with many culturally enriching experiences — from weekend trips to setting me up with a host family — I took advantage of all the opportunities they provided.”  

API Alumni Experiences Abroad

Greta’s favorite professor, Marta Darder, conducted her classes in various city centers, rooftop restaurants, and public spaces. In doing so, she provided an immersive experience that enriched Greta’s self-growth, navigational skills, interpersonal skills, and overall confidence. She even had the opportunity to work with local artists on their art projects and galleries, which broadened her cultural horizons even further!


We also featured Meredith DePuy from Virginia Tech Class of 2025! Meredith studied abroad in Rome through API Abroad and had an incredible experience. As an Industrial & Systems Engineering major with a Business minor, she was excited to step outside of her academic comfort zone and immerse herself in Italian culture.

While enrolled at the American University of Rome, Meredith had the opportunity to take unique, Italy-specific classes like Opera, Renaissance and Baroque Art, and history labs where she toured museums and monuments. Despite not knowing any Italian when she arrived, she learned the language through daily interactions with locals and took an Italian class offered by the school.

API alumni experiences abroad

As a STEM student, this program allowed Meredith to gain new experiences outside of engineering. She had the chance to learn from different people, cultures, and adventures. She traveled every weekend to multiple destinations, including Austria, Greece, and Croatia to name a few!

Meredith’s study abroad experience has inspired her to work for an international company after graduation. She’s discovered firsthand how her experience and cultural knowledge will be invaluable in the global workforce.

Meredith had a great experience with API Abroad, noting that “API has a really easy-to-navigate website. Additionally, their onsite liaisons in Rome were great. The one program fee covered housing, transport from the airport, tuition, activities, and three weekend excursions. Upon arrival, they had staff that were locals of Rome who helped us familiarize ourselves with the city. They educated us about the cultural differences we would face and how to make the most of our program.” 

student enjoying her experience abroad

Shoutout to Our Alumni!

A big thank you to our API Alumni who shared their experiences with us! In sharing your stories, we spread the word about the benefits of studying and interning abroad. Your story may have a positive impact on other students, encouraging them to consider a life-changing experience abroad! 

If you studied or interned abroad with API, and wish to share your memories, experiences, travel tips, and more, please reach out! You can DM us through our Instagram account @apiabroad or email our Director of Alumni, Hannah Olevson, at [email protected]. We look forward to featuring your story!


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