This Month’s Top Questions for Going Abroad

August 17, 2023
study abroad questions

It’s time to catch up with API’s Student Outreach Team! Week in, week out, we talk to students about all things API and the incredible experiences we offer.

Quick recap: If you’ve emailed, chatted, or called API before, you’ve probably connected with someone from the Student Outreach Team. We’re the ones handling that chat box you see in the right corner of our website. You also may have met us during our weekly office hours or when you’ve contacted us through this form

Because we interact with students through several channels, we receive a lot of questions. Below are trending topics and top questions for going abroad that we’ve heard from students just like you!

Top Questions and Answers

What if I have a lower GPA?

API is committed to making international education accessible to all. One of the many ways we achieve this is by offering a range of exceptional programs with lower GPA requirements. We believe academic potential is not solely determined by grades, but is also influenced by passion, curiosity, and a thirst for knowledge. 

We still highly encourage students to apply for a program even if their GPA is not up to the application requirement. That being said, here are just a handful of programs with lower GPA requirements that students can apply for. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask us!

Do I apply to API or through my home university?

We know applying to study abroad can be daunting, especially if you aren’t sure our programs meet your university’s credit requirements. Every university is different, so the best course of action is to first reach out to your study abroad office on campus! They’ll be excited to answer any questions and advise you on going abroad. For the most part, though, once you’ve chosen an API program and spoken to your study abroad office, you can start your application! 

Top Trending Program for August

Semester Business and Liberal Arts in Barcelona

Application Deadline for Spring 2024: October 15, 2023

This program is offered at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, where you can take a wide array of easily transferable business and liberal arts courses. No worries if you don’t speak Spanish — all courses are conducted in English! However, if you hope to work on your Spanish fluency, you may also enroll in Spanish courses at all levels. 

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most exciting and cosmopolitan cities, making it the perfect backdrop to learn alongside students from all over the world. Going abroad to Barcelona, you’ll immerse yourself in a city of stunning architecture, relaxing beaches, and tasty tapas! 

Looking For More Info?

If you’re looking to learn more, reach out to us and let us know. Other students likely have the same questions you do, and we’re happy to share the answer. Check back monthly to learn more about API, our programs, or studying abroad in general!

If you need a quick response, you can use the chat feature on our website, or you can speak to someone during our Office Hours (no appointments necessary)! If you’re looking for more program or application information, make sure to fill out this form to contact API’s Student Outreach Team, or reach out to us at: [email protected]


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