API Blog – Volunteering and Photography in Costa Rica

October 16, 2018
A rainy street market in El Centro de San Jose

Today’s post comes to us from #APIAbroad alum and UT-Austin student Mattison Gotcher. She took advantage of our volunteer add-on option and spent an extra two weeks in Costa Rica volunteering while also taking a photography and Spanish class.

University of Texas student Mattison Gotcher with some of her students in Costa Rica

“For my time aboard this past summer, I had the opportunity to study in the beautiful Central American country of Costa Rica. While there, I took a class for Spanish and an elective – Cultural Photography.

Photography of a rainy street market in Costa Rica

Black and white photography two men in El Centro de Cartago

Couple sits behind sign at El Centro de Cartago

The photography class taught me a lot about looking at images from a technical point, and thinking about images in terms of what they can and do convey.

Black and white photo of a monkey in Playa en Montezuma

Woman and child in El Centro de Cartago

During the photo class my professor took us on field trips to different areas close to the University I was studying at in San José, along with one beach trip that me and my classmates decided to go on by ourselves.

Beach, Playa en Montezuma

Beach, Playa en Montezuma

Young boy plays in fountain in El Centro de San José

The photography class was my favorite class I took in Costa Rica, and one of my favorite classes I have taken in my college career.

Flowers for sale at El Centro de San Jose

Man walking in El Centro de San José

-Mattison Gotcher”

See more of Mattison’s experience in Costa Rica here.



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