It’s API’s Fare Finder™! Book Lower Cost Airfare for Your Program

April 24, 2023
lower cost airfare

If you’re a student looking to book travel for an academic experience, you are likely searching for the most affordable deal. In an effort to reduce financial barriers and increase access, we are offering the Fare Finder™ app inside of APIConnect. It provides access to lower cost airfare with major airline carriers. With Fare Finder, we’re making travel for educational purposes simpler and more accessible than ever before. 

Benefits of Fare Finder

Enjoy Lower Cost Airfare

Fare Finder not only allows you to search for lower fares, but also for more favorable terms and conditions. This includes increased schedule change flexibility and free baggage allowances in many cases. With Fare Finder, you can quickly and easily book lower cost airfare, right from inside APIConnect. 

Pro Tip: To find the best value (lowest cost, plus the best add ons, such as free baggage), look for the fares marked “API”. 

Access Around-the-Clock Assistance

Fare Finder also provides access to 24/7 assistance so you’ll always have the support you need if an emergency arises. Whether it’s a last-minute change of plans or an unexpected delay, Fare Finder operators are here to help!

Hold Flights and Share Itineraries

With Fare Finder, you also have the ability to hold flights and share itineraries ahead of purchasing for no additional cost. If you find the perfect flight and want to share it with your parents or friends before booking, Fare Finder makes it easy!

Broad Sort and Filter Options

By utilizing Fare Finder’s filters, you can narrow your search based on many different options. If you are cost-sensitive, use the lowest price filter. Or if schedule is the most important to you, select that option to be served the flights that most closely match your desired flight times. Lastly, if sustainability is your goal, you can even sort flights by those that are the greenest!

Simplify the Process

The booking process gives you the ability to compare options and book a flight in just a couple of minutes. You don’t need to worry about spending hours researching and scheduling your travel; Fare Finder makes booking airfare both efficient and easy! 

Pro Tip: Be sure to check out your arrival guidelines in your travel form, which is in Onboarding Step 2 in APIConnect, so you know which airport you need to arrive at and the date and time window when your API Resident Director will be expecting you. 

Because of the simple booking process, access to lower cost airfare, 24/7 assistance, and the ability to hold flights and share itineraries, Fare Finder is the ultimate companion for academic travel. Learn more about the platform and see the difference for yourself on our website!

One last thing: Fare Finder can only be used for academic travel. Any non-education-related travel booked using the tool will be automatically canceled and refunded. 



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