API High School: Discover Britain at Harlaxton College

April 12, 2017

One thing England is known for is its stately homes and manor houses. Imagine studying abroad in a 150-room Victorian house, living, and learning in an English country manor. Situated 5 minutes from downtown Grantham and an hour north of London, Harlaxton Manor is named one of England’s “100 Best” great houses.

API’s Discover Britain at Harlaxton College program is a 16-day experience where you will choose one of two courses in Creative Writing or British History, and may earn up to two college credits from the University of Evansville.


As a student at Harlaxton College, you will live, eat, study, and play on the large and lush grounds of Harlaxton campus, with plenty of fields trips to nearby towns and local castles. You will spend 4 days with us in London seeing some of the major sites, including Big Ben, the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Film Studio, and more!

API has extended its application deadline until April 10, 2017. To get you excited for the program, here are 5 reasons why YOU should study abroad with API at Harlaxton College:

  • Harlaxton College is a premier location to study abroad as a high school student with an interest in British Studies, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe.
  • The manor is a popular location for filming. Exterior and interior shots have been featured in The Ruling Class, The Last Days of Patton, The Lady and the Highwayman to name a few.
  • Are you a Harry Potter fan and have dreamt of living and learning in a similar Hogwarts-style school like Ron, Harry and Hermoine? We like to think that Harlaxton College is pretty darn close to the School of Wizardry with its large staterooms, long corridors, and house competitions. And yes…we did say house competitions!
  • Need a little bit of TLC? Between the Harlaxton College staff and the on-site API Program Resident Directors and Leaders, you can be sure that you will be taken care of. On-site amenities at the college include a sports hall, nurse, dining hall, campus security, counseling services, 24/7 emergency service, and more!
  • With its picturesque campus, Harlaxton College is a place that inspires reflective learning and encourages the arts. Bring your camera, sketch pad, and an open mind, and come take part in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with us!

Interested in applying? Check out this virtual tour where you can click, navigate, and move through the manor to see real-life images of the campus: http://youvis.it/PpMcH7

Applications are due April 15, 2018. To apply visit:
http://www.aspirebyapi.com/ for the online application.

For any inquiries, please email API Program Coordinator, Kelsey Patton at [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you on this amazing program!


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