API Safety Update – Australia Wildfires

January 6, 2020

API continues to monitor the devastating ongoing wildfires in Australia. At this time, the major urban areas where our programs are located have not been directly impacted by the fires, and the cities are fully operational on a daily basis. Evacuation areas have been in rural, southern parts of the country. By the time most of the semester programs begin in mid-February, the summer season in Australia will be coming to an end, which will hopefully bring some relief with weather changes and lower temperatures.
Sydney and Melbourne have experienced hazy and smoky air at times. Students with a history of asthma or other respiratory condition should be prepared with any needed medications.

We will advise students during orientation of safety resources and precautions they should use when out in the city or if traveling on weekends. We ask students to share independent travel plans with us prior to their trips so we can advise regarding any concerns.  


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