Intern Abroad in Sydney: Rebecca’s Experience

February 20, 2024
intern abroad in sydney australia
Meet Rebecca Raynier, a senior studying Early to Middle Childhood Education, who completed an internship abroad in Sydney, Australia with API. Teaching in a Kindergarten classroom outside of Sydney, her time abroad provided insight into her passion for education. She also expanded her knowledge of global practices and forged meaningful cross-cultural connections. Read on to see Rebecca’s experiences and insights from her internship abroad in Sydney.  

Comparing Classrooms: Insights into Educational Systems

Rebecca’s internship experience in a Kindergarten classroom offered a firsthand comparison between the Australian and US education systems. What stood out to her was the unique approach to phonics education, influenced by the distinct accent and pronunciation differences. Despite initial challenges, Rebecca quickly adapted, showcasing the importance of flexibility and openness when immersed in a different environment: 

“It has been fascinating seeing firsthand how the education system in Australia compares to the US. Due to their accent, a lot of the vowel sounds they learn are different from how we learn to sound out words here in the US. Initially, it was more challenging for me to support students with reading and writing but I quickly learned to adapt to their different pronunciation.”

internship abroad in sydney

Embracing Cultural Immersion Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, Sydney’s vibrant atmosphere and accessible public transportation provided Rebecca with countless opportunities for exploration. 

“Being in Sydney was an amazing experience. The big city and accessible public transportation made it easy to find something fun to do every weekend. I am also close to many other unique places in the world such as Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Great Barrier Reef. All of which I visited during my time abroad.”

Recommendations for Future Explorers

For those considering a similar adventure, Rebecca recommends solo travel as an empowering experience, facilitating personal growth and meaningful connections:

“I came here solo, and definitely recommend that other students do the same. It has been a great way to put myself out there and meet amazing people from all around the world!”

internship abroad in sydney

It’s Your Turn!

By listening to the stories of students like Rebecca, you can gain valuable insights into whether interning abroad is the right decision for you. With each experience abroad comes the chance to learn, grow, and connect with the world in ways that transcend the confines of the classroom. 

Many students find their programs to be more than an internship, but an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. While abroad, you have the opportunity to acquire valuable skills and earn course credits outside the classroom while leveraging API’s one-on-one career coaching and customized support. 

If you’re ready to embark on your own journey, API offers hundreds of internship placements across the world with reputable employers. Take the leap and discover the perfect internship for you!


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