API Scholarship Winners- Fall 2018

June 28, 2018
Student with Passport

We are very excited to announce the API scholarship winners for the Fall 2018 term! API awards study abroad scholarship funds annually to deserving participants like the ones listed below, including specialty scholarships for underrepresented student populations (such as first-time travelers, students from diverse backgrounds, veterans, and STEM students). You can learn more about scholarship opportunities here.

  • Emmawyn Anastasi- Stirling, Scotland- API STEM Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Jonas- Wellington, New Zealand – API VUW University Scholarship
  • Abbigail Williams- Sydney, Australia- API Intern Scholarship
  • Lara Sernberger- Dublin, Ireland- GoOverseas Award
  • Shannon Sheehy- Dublin, Ireland- GoOverseas Award
  • Kiera Kennedy- Dublin, Ireland- GoOverseas Award
  • Roxanna Alvarado- Sharjah, UAE- API Diversity Scholarship
  • David King- Barcelona, Spain- API First Generation Scholarship
  • Kathryn Doonan- Dublin, Ireland- API Regional Scholarship
  • Zack Millis- Krakow, Poland -API Regional Scholarship
  • Nnamdi-Raphael Okoye III- Seville, Spain- API Regional Scholarship
  • Anna Schaut – San José, Costa Rica – API Regional Scholarship
  • Laura Zielinski- Krakow, Poland- API Athlete Scholarship
  • Cara Henry- Krakow, Poland – API Regional Scholarship
  • Marcelo Daros- Seville, Spain – API Regional Scholarship
  • Christina Jeffers- London, England – API Regional Scholarship
  • Bridget Lally – Buenos Aires, Argentina – API Regional Scholarship
  • Holly Benson – Florence, Italy – API Regional Scholarship
  • Monica Ovalles- Barcelona, Spain – API Regional Scholarship
  • Kelsey Walsh-San José, Costa Rica- API Regional Scholarship


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